Merlin Indoor Zookies

Ok.. “everybody knows the rules, one bite”, I mean toke….. Looking at bag the Nugs range from dime to qtr size. Dense, Light/dark green with ample orange pistels sprinkled with sugar. The grower obviously knows how to cure and store correctly as the humidity level and burn quality attest to. Definitely a strong lemony flower smell in bag. Bag appeal 4/5. With first toke I realized this was a very smooth smoking strain. Very easy on the lungs. I have a chronic cough/lung condition but I still prefer smoking over other methods mostly. So I seek out smooth as I can find while still having a high thc level. Sampled .75 gram rolled for my review. Noticeable effects halfway thru joint. Long lasting Happy uplifted high. Good overall mood. Relaxed. No munchies really. Not too good to focus on though or if you need to get stuff done.
It’s a winner to me!


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