Super premium?

I assumed premium was "top tier" by having a "super premium" I feel like it discounts what "premium " should stand for. Is this really it? Is there going to be a "super duper premium" or "seriously guys this is REALLY premium" categories? Just my thoughts.
I don't mind paying for the best and if this "Super premium" is still up during the holiday sale I will grab some, it does look fire.



  • Super duper to the moon!

  • I'm super serial.

  • The Strawberry MAC feels like a premium to me. I did grab some of Louds Animal Mints. I would pay the extra for that again. This super premium Mac does look good 😎.

  • I would pay extra if it was listed as ‘Killer Weed’. Just sayin

  • The strawberry Mac upon second vape came in grassy and then gassy and then I ran around and felt great. It is a premium.

  • Grassy gassy and fasty

  • I mean we could call "extra special" (or "killer weed" which now that you say it makes me wonder how we missed that) but it means that the shippers paid more for a particularly potent strain and want to make that known in the title. -MB

  • "Killer weed" it is.

  • The cost isn’t much more than the premium

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    Its not cost. I've been disappointed a number of times by the premiums because I expected top shelf(ish). I guess this explains why, there are other categories above premium as far as quality goes. Funny enough I just watched the new South Park "post covid" the other day and this exact same point I'm trying to make here is brought up in the show, can't miss it and regardless of any of your defining variables everybody should watch South Park.

  • This makes no sense to me:

    "MAC, also known as “Miracle Alien Cookies X1.” Is an evenly balanced hybrid strain created as a backcross of the iconic MAC strain."

    So MAC was created as a backcross of MAC?

  • I know nothing of mac, but if you had a "clone only" strain one way to produce seeds would be to hermie and cross with itself. Basically an example of "go fuck yourself". GSC is an example I'm familiar with when it comes to securing genetics from a clone.

  • Imo the best genteics can hermie depending of the life cycle and all the stresses that can occur like trimming, improper nutrient balance, and so forth. I prefer for my seeds to come from m/f pollination. Whoever suggested insane seeds on here thanks for that btw.

  • What it all boils down to is, the descriptions seem to be mostly made up horse shit.

  • I don't even order off the menu. I go to the order form, see what's there, then look up whether it's Indica or Sativa and roll the dice.
    I do check here to see what's terrible and what to stay away from.

  • I gave this hype a try, although after being burned by Merlin on the kbk I'm not reallyy expecting anything any better than @LoudnCo indoors or premium flower. Those loud lad's very rarely disappoint and 90%% of the time they exceed expectations jmho . @phantom_shitter I stick with what I know and consult😁with a few people I trust on here before ordering anything new . But mostly I think it's a throw a dart at a chart situation as far as grading goes😉

  • Me too @MNTDWLER! MAC is one of my all time favs, so kinda hard for me to pass on a Super Premium AAAA MAC1! Glad to know you pulled the trigger as well and can’t wait to compare notes. 😊

  • @dabadabido I agrees 😁 but I really bought this one for my wife. I like MAC it's just not my favorite. I grabbed another ounce of jager from @LoudnCo it's a fine batch of medicine and between it and Hogg I don't know which I would pick as my favorite flavor.

  • @MNTDWLER , I hope to see some HOGG here some day. I’d jump all over that one too!! Enjoying Loud’s outdoor Jager right now. It’s lovely!! 😵‍💫

  • I was so curious about this super prem. strain. I ended up ordering a couple zips of it. I know MAC is a bomb flower. Hopefully this super premium bud is super bomb🤔💣💥💨

  • Grabbed some too @907ak420. This site has introduced me to several new strains. MAC being one of them. Im very pleased with the Strawberry MAC. Sure the super premium will be ⛽️

  • I have been getting the mendo breath. I saw the premium mendo breath so I got 2 oz of that, and I'm going to get another oz of the other mendo breath and see if it's any different in side by side look-feel-smell-smoke taste test.
    I call it an experiment and have at least 3, maybe 4 people try it and write down a 1-10 rating so there's influencing each other.
    I ordered Sunday and there is no label yet. I'll be glad if I get it before next year.

  • @superman38NC the last sativa dominant flower i tried gave me a weird anxiety attack.

  • So i try to stay away from sativa or sativa dominant bud and stuck to indica from there on.

  • @907ak420 I’m not yet sure if this is sativa dominant. I can’t handle sativas for the same reasons, but I felt the need to try this one. I like it. It is as described imho. Smooth steady buzz. I’m reluctant to elaborate for fear of everyone buying it up. I intend to order this one again.

  • @leaf Is there any couch lock or are you able to still get some things done? Curious, I have some on the way

  • @leaf thx for the update. Mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow. The Strawberry MAC has a very lengthy buzz. Looking forward to this one 😎

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