I’m generally all dabs, but I do keep some flower on hand. What percentage Boveda packs should I be using?


  • I think it’s either 58 or 62. Most choose 62.

  • Thank you my friend

  • another vote for 62

  • I have 58 but will get 62 next time

  • 62 for long term. 58 for daily grind. Recently picked up 20 62 packs for about $21 on eBay 👍

  • 62 % and give it at least 4 days before you reopen the jar. a week is best and man you will see a difference in the bud !!!

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    I double up what it reccomends and it's good to go in 2 days. Just go up a size or put one in bottom of.jar and one like upside in the lid/cap and it catches the top nice- then remove and leave only one. Sometimes I do 58 under and 62 on top because why not?

  • 62%…in various sizes.

  • I wonder if putting a 62 with a 58 makes them both 60s.

  • I use a bunch of the no.1's and layer them in the jar. I also put them along the sides.
    This maximizes the surface area and exposure.

  • @Sixwaychili , my theory is the 58% would become fully saturated and the 62% sets the humidity level until it dries out or is removed.

  • According to the boveda website using more than one pack in a jar makes them “fight” and lessen the efficacy of both packs to do their job, so it makes sense to try to fit the pack to the quantity.

  • Did you try it? In my experience it works faster and I have no complaints. They also say not to rehydrate them and throw them away after use...

  • @funkynugz
    The only thing about that though... What's the difference between using 1 large pack, and multiple small packs?
    I don't see a big deal.
    I am certain that using multiple packs works better than just using one for rehydrating.

    If you are putting a pack in fresh bud that has not been over dried, then yeah maybe one pack is ok.

    It all comes down to the vapor pressure differential. If you have dry bud, you need to saturate the air in the container with enough moisture to achieve equilibrium.

  • Once the bud is normal you leave just 1 in but if the bovedas are competing through reverse osmosis then they will all reach equilibrium or did I say too much ?

  • I love bovedas but I believe some strains taste funny after spending time with a boveda, maybe 10-20% it appears its the more resinous ones. Any else notice this?

  • @MikeyC nope, you're right on the money.

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    🤷‍♀️ Just parroting what the manufacturer recommended, @guys.

    They also recommend not over-sizing packs for the load, mostly in terms of wastefulness of the product though.

    Personally I sometimes add two semi-used packs as long as they’re close in overall viability and just let them gracefully dry out together. This sometimes seems to transfer residual smells and tastes from one weed to another, which maybe partly why….

    @Fallguy for years people have said boveda-type humidity packs mess with the terpenoids. So boveda added the words “Terpene Shield” to every pack. Jury is still out on this debate imho. I wonder if once the herb is rehydrated if it would be better to just vac seal or jar without a pack.

  • I wish I knew what the outside of the boveda was coated with.

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