Has there ever been any banana?

My wife recently got this keystone bananas from dispensary and was wondering if anyone ever heard or seen anything like this come from any vendors on her? Cause I could buy it in bulk threw mm mb and get more for my buck despensary we’re I’m from expensive thanx


  • I don't recall any banana, which is a bit weird now that you mention it. @LoudnCo, every have any banana?

  • Banana Punch and Black Banana Cookies have been on here before. Seems like it was @LoudnCo that had those. The banana punch was 🔥

  • @TheProfessor knew I thought I remembered something banana, you musta been eating your member berries. Pretty sure I'd gotten banana something refills from Ma back before she retired

  • This sounds like a philosophical question. Or maybe I'm just high.

  • That’s interesting. I’ve wondered why some people buy from medicine man if they had access to a dispensary. But that’s very interesting the dispensary prices are more than medicineman. What are the prices like where you are?

  • I prefer medman to den rec and ballpark

  • Meant @superman38NC not sure why tagged professor shit I musta Lil toasted my damn self🤣

  • I will see what I can do!

  • Yea are dispensers high priced it’s a cureleaf not sure if can mention state?and thank you all for feedback! And vapes are like 55 half g so two is 110 mm saves me money actually

  • It would just save me cash I should of been more specific lol sorry just got done smoking their wedding crasher wax when I wrote that but she has been smoking keystone banana by cresco now I’m not saying it’s going to be absolutely same, but just asking if their has ever been anything banana on here like that is all sorry for all the confusion!

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    I was just about to ask that same question! Loud used to have a Banana OG in its rotation, it would usually only show up once a year. It was the best herb that I have ever laid my hands on, especially the Premium! Please bring it back!🍌🍌🍌

  • Med Mama had Banana Kush last summer. It wasn't that good to me.

  • Thought I remembered the banana vape I'd gotten was fairly decent best of my recollection

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