That Loud restock

What a restock. So many premiums and classics!



  • ¡en fuego!

  • I ordered the day before! I got all the luck baby!

  • A really nice selection of premiums for sure! Overall there’s a great selection!

  • I actually bought some merlin because of you prof

  • Got my Katsu today @MikeyC with my tins of THC gummies (different from the old medmama gummies for sure) and and A1 Yola freebie J. Ordered Saturday night. I've had great luck with Merlin so far, outstanding products and shipping times. I'm on my second z of Katsu, the Horchata is amazing, as was the premium Mendo Breath and indoor Wedding Cake and Zookies. Just some of the great Merlin bud I have left.

  • Sounds excellent! @TheProfessor. Overall menu for flower is definitely 🔥.i haven’t ordered in a while, but went for a split of blue dream and Mammoth..that blue dream looks nice. So does the Sunset Sherbert.

  • How are those gummy’s professor? Sedating or uplifting? I didn’t get to try Mama’s before she retired but heard good things about them.

    Can anyone recommend a premium on the board that’s a good sleep strain? Closest I have now is Tres Star and Purple Kush which are real nice but I like to mix it up for tolerance sake. Hoping for a different lineage variety?
    Thanks all!

  • @superman38NC Nice! I've been the same, but I couldn't resist the Blue Dream.

  • I ordered from @LoudnCo on the 20th but still haven’t seen anything show up and today is the 28th. Anyone experience long wait times with loud? Got my order from Merlin already. And ordered again on the 25th from Merlin and that package is already on the way. But still nothing from loud.

  • Ordered from Loud on 1/19 received product 1/26 to central Gulf coast.

  • @Reshi based off current menu have you tried Motorbreath? If you like Tres Star I think you would like that too. Of course @TheProfessor @MNTDWLER may lead you in a better direction when it comes to sleep strains. @ChunksEggo8187 i got burnt out on blue dream but haven’t hand any in a couple yrs. Hope this batch delivers!

  • @Reshi

    Mammoth Skunk helps me with sleep as does Sunset Sherbet. I'm also an insomniac

  • @Reshi the wife and I find the gummies pretty euphoric. I didn’t feel any sedation at all but they’re good! Not a lot on the menu for sleep, at least for me. Maybe the Mammoth Skunk, The Lavender Runtz, or the Motor Breath, but I generally need real knock out strains.

  • Loud for me has better bud but takes longer to arrive. That being said I will wait for a review and snag great things from Merlin or roll the dice and hope for the best. I am in no rush and my friends keep saying I should give cannabis club a chance. I will let you know what's good next week when it arrives.

  • I wonder if cc rotates the flower somehow or if its the same bags from day 1?

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    @Fallguy can’t help but wonder! I’m almost certain CC's flower menu has never changed.😳🧐

  • @TheProfessor I thought I was just imagining things about CC having the same strains for a few months. I was tempted to start a new thread asking about that but didn’t want to come across as indignant.

    @medboy, do you know if CC is planning on introducing new flower strains in the near future?

  • @superman38NC I haven’t tried motorbreath and have a few indica leaning hybrids in my arsenal already. I’m looking for that knockout strain. Going through some older hybrids before I restock on new stuff.

    @MigraineWarrior79 I have some sunset sherbert I’ve been sipping on and really like it also. Helps with sleep if I vape more of it in the evening but takes a while to kick in for sleep. Hate that my tolerance is high - I should take a T break, but.
    Hey how’s your mom? Hope you and the fam are on the mend. I tested positive on New Years Eve and I’m still recovering! Worst I’ve ever felt!

    @TheProfessor I think I’m back to board watching for some other potent strains to drop. Wish there were more indica dominant varieties at the moment. May have to try that concentrate sandwich I’ve heard mentioned! I have a DynaVap, Solo2, and Mighty and bet those capsules for the Mighty would help make a great canna-sammy! Would wax or hash be better than shatter based on consistency? Haven’t dabbled too much with that yet.

  • @Reshi

    Mom is getting stronger everyday. She's still on oxygen, and weak, but she's able to take breaks from the oxygen, so that's a great sign. It's her appetite that's keeping her back. She just doesn't want to eat, and I understand. Who wants to eat when they feel like poop? Lol. Thank you for asking. My father and I are great.

    Check out the Katsu Bubba Kush, it knocked me out last night, and I got a complete 6 hours. 😉

  • @MigraineWarrior79 ,there's times from chemo where I have a hard time eating, during this I drink my calories from meal replacement shakes, v8, and juice.

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    Thank you for that suggestion. I keep ready to drink protein shakes for myself. I'll try to get her to try some. She has been drinking juice, but hates v8(I know, she's a weirdo, lol). Again, thank you. I pray the chemo works as it should for you, and you don't have too many side effects. 🙏

    My apologies for hijacking the thread, yall.

  • I’m waiting for a restock on that Katsu @MigraineWarrior79! Guess you can’t always go based on ratio, I wouldn’t have thought that would be such a good sleep strain but it’s on my radar now. Kinda eying Loud’s indoor GMO since it looks like a 90% indica but see that it also has Chemdawg parent and I’ve built up a tolerance and hoping to switch it up with something else. Ah, the quest continues.

    Anyone ever seen any Mag Landrace or Green Dragon on MM?

  • Loud just restocked again

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    Yes! So many new strains!


    Can never go wrong with GMO

  • I have some Joker's Wild ordered for research purposes, of course🤪

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    @MigraineWarrior79 GMO is one of my fav’s great recommendation. Will look forward to your thoughts on Jokers Wild too.
    The current menu is 😱. Ordered some Lemon B Sherb & Lucid Dream yesterday. Waiting on Mammoth and Blue Dream. Gonna be a good week 😎

  • @superman38NC When I saw another drop by Loud, I had to tell myself to chill. 🤣 I just finished my 420 sale stuff from last year. I'll be looking forward to your reviews! I do have some Blue Dream on the way though.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 high friend! 👋 unfortunately cannabis doesn’t have the longest shelf life..hard not to stock up sometimes with all these awesome strains hitting the board. The Lucid Dream lured me in with the emphasis on the blueberry blueberry! Hopefully we will be burning BD together from afar 😎

  • Really an amazing selection! I do love blueberry strains @superman38NC, but I don’t think I could handle that Lucid Dream. I’ve had trouble with Blue Dream in the past.😕 Looking forward to your review nonetheless!😎🧐

  • @superman38NC What up! Oh no doubt about the shelf life, but I do have a vacuum sealer 😎

    Since a lot of us are Blueberry fans, I feel obligated to share my experience with this batch of Blue Dream.
    I didn't post a pic because the pic posted on the site does it justice. Aroma is heavenly...ripe blueberries & earth. @superman38NC You're gonna love it!

    The high is amazing too! For me, an uplifting high that leaves me focused yet happy, and at the same time my whole body is free of aches & pain feeling complete relaxation.
    As the high continues it leans more indica in my opinion. So maybe this batch could be ok for you @TheProfessor 🙂

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