Yahoo! and Hotmail Users

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Hi! Just a heads up that Yahoo!, AOL, and Hotmail emails are currently being blocked from their servers. This means you won't get a payment confirmation email. Unfortunately, there isn't a workaround for this other than using another email service. If you reach out to us via email and do not get a response, check your spam/junk folders.



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    That's what happened! So what happens if there's an issue with an order for user with you ho!

  • What about the contact email.

  • @MikeyC If we can't reach you then we can't reach you. That said, direct emails still seem to be working OK for now, it's the automated ones that are failing. Contacting us works.

  • I just used gmail and didn’t get a receipt for my order nor payment receipt. I just asked medboy to check my order page to see if maybe I typed it wrong.

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    Scratch that, just received the payment receipt, Don’t see the order receipt, that is ok me, long as I see the payment received I’m good.

  • Same here for gmail, i ordered twice wondering why i never got it first time..waiting for payment confirmation tho..

  • never got order confirmations, but DID get payment confirmation same as Rubygirl816...ok with that..

  • @medboy You guys rule. Yapoo and hotmale drool!

  • AOL sent my confirmation email to spam. Coincidence?

  • protonmail

  • wow , I just found out a hash tag makes it #bigandbold

  • I guess 2 hash tags makes a hashtag?

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    Protonmail is definitely the best choice. I agree with @Fallguy

  • My mail of choice as well. Encrypted...

  • @medboy I've contacted you guys twice about an order (I have a yahoo account and never received any confirmation) but I just wanted confirmation that the order went through as well as the payment. Thanks.

  • @sandyman I have responded to you multiple times. I would suggest making a new email for future orders and correspondence. As long as you made payment your order is automatically sent to us and processed the very next day (except Saturdays).

    Always check spam/junk folder just in case, it seems AOL and Yahoo labeled us spam.

  • @medboy The email just came in from Friday in my spam, sorry about that and thanks for the response!

  • The “contact form” email reply didn’t show for me in my google email. Not even in the junk folder. I did a direct email to Medboy and that reply made it back to me.
    Will be looking into protonmail.

  • I got my confirmations in spam too

  • I get their confirmations at my email. Not in spam either.

  • I placed an order today, without thinking, used my hotmail address and got my order confirmation and payment confirmation directly in my hotmail inbox. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I got both emails in Yahoo this last time around.

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