Merlin’s Great Service

All I did was put a sweet note in the comment section of my last Merlin order. It was very small order btw.

And this what they sent me. It’s the little things. :) Thanks Merlin!!!


  • Absolutely @Higheveryone23! Love freebies, but personal notes are awesome! Merlin’s become my preferred go-to with great product and consistent 3-6 day shipping times! They’re packages also fit in my relatively small mailbox!😎🧐

  • I'm also a fan of Merlin! They sent me a freebie jay of Sour D with my last order that I'm going to gift to a friend who is a fan of heavy sativas.

    Their bud is always cured on point, and their bags are always fat, in my opinion. 💚

  • @TheProfessor ” They’re packages also fit in my relatively small mailbox!😎🧐”

    That’s what she said!!!

    Sorry. Had to. Lol!!

  • Ouch…walked right into that one!🤣 @Bambino21 The wife is still laughing.😂🤣

  • Merlin is awesome! Shipping is fast, and their layer cake is on point.

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    Merlin’s is on top of it! I ordered this past Tuesday, label printed Tuesday, package shipped Wednesday and was here Friday. Greenhouse Gelato 41 absolutely delicious. I love Loud, just can’t wait weeks for bud.

  • is merlin out of concentrate already?! i didn't get a chance to grab some :lol: i love their flower so i can't wait to try their concentrates.

  • Merlin def putting that work in for sure amazing products and even more amazing shipping’s! Does suck their concentrate’s go so quick I been trying to get my hands on diamonds for month now and always just miss it lol. But their wedding crasher I think is the best one tried from them so far but all good all so well cured!

  • Merlin’s shipping is on point right along with their product. 3/4 days coast to coast consistently. Please take my money..!

  • Label printed a few hours after my order was confirmed. Looking forward to pink certs and layer cake, my first ordering merlins premium. Ill review soon

  • Less then 72 hours from order to my hand. Pink certz is potent and evenly balanced, I had no tiredness but two puffs got me STONED. Pungent candy, and sour citrus aroma. Med to small nuts without any shake. Definitely a premium. Will return on the layer cake, I can say it has great bag appeal and pungent scent.

  • @Fallguy thanks for review. Wanted give the pink certz a try. Will definitely be ordering. Just got the runtz from Merlin and after 1 smoke had to put in another order. Really great anytime of day smoke. I have a high tolerance and It’s 🔥🔥

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    I ordered on Wednesday am 2/16/22. Received my order on Saturday 2/19/22. So awesome.🤓 Thank you Merlin’s- y’all rock!

  • Layer Cake is on point. One of my faves. Beautiful buds with premium. Merlin u guys are killing. Lots of great flower up right now. Premium is definitely premium imo
    Happy 💨🌲

  • Ordered 2/15 and received 2/22

  • Merlin can't stop. Vanilla Frosting is excellent.

  • @Limonene 🤯 Looks phenomenal! Appreciate the pic

  • 🤪 Damn!! This is the premium, correct? @Limonene

  • That vanilla frosting looks amazing 🤩

  • Oh, yeah, sorry about that @MigraineWarrior79 . It's premium. Very frosty. Solid long-lasting high.

  • Layer cake is really good. It just took a back seat to pink certz and wedding cake(different site) it has too much going on for me to pinpoint a flavor but this morning I took my first puff of layer cake and had an overwhelming creamy lemony flavor, so good.

  • Vanilla frosting is frosty and is on day 1/2 complete with boveda 62!

  • "happy and relaxing effects that will activate the mind while relaxing the body. You’ll feel a lift settle in at the onset of the high, filling your mind with a sense of happy creativity and focus that has you ready to tackle artistic task at hand. A light physical relaxation accompanies this cerebral boost, keeping you anchored as your mind flies higher and higher. "

    That description is spot on for me. It doesn't get you stoned and it's all in your head but I had a fantastic afternoon at work and got shit done and felt no pressure. I felt a clear shift in mood : happy. I also felt uplifted like I wanted to do yoga breathing and then knocked everything off of my to-do list. I was functionally high. I was not stoned like from oaktown crippler or mars Landing.

    I absolutely do think this is a premium despite it being less powerful than other when it comes to stoniness and I too might jump onto that area 51 for that effect too! It also has great bag appeal, arrived stuck together and after 2 days boveda was a pleasure to vape.

  • Runtz > Motorbreath > Layer Cake > Vanilla Frosting

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