Outdoor purple OG

Smells not that strong but has that hint of blueberry gas to it!! On the inhale very very smooth out of my triple perk ice bong kind of a plain cupcake taste to the exhale! But buzz is amazing high very nice and relaxing and does not couch lock me at all! Starts with a nice head rush fallowed by soothing calm sensation that’s swifts over your body! I would recommend this if you suffer from chronic stress or anxiety it sure does it’s magic! I suffer from sever social anxiety and tonight me and my wife went to a golden glove boxing match and It was seriously like I was not nervous or stressed out one bit at all because of the six bong rips of mmm’s outdoor purple OG before I went best site for the rite price!! And they always deliver no bullshit or extras all the ask for is five dollars for shipping can’t stress the respect I have for these lady’s and gentleMan.. 🍄luv everyone


  • I'm intrigued by this strain myself. I want to order it. But the last 3 strains I've ordered from merlin have let me down. One of them even is premium. I've tried their runtz, rude Boi and watermelon Zkittles. None of them are very effective to me. However louds strains work fine for me. Idk must just be me. More opinions of this Purple OG please!!!

  • Thx for the review! @Tommyandpolly2021 just ordered a split of hot rod and purple OG. Looking forward to both! Good quality outdoor seems harder to find.

  • I'm definitely getting a zip of this when I get paid if it's still there. Merlin mentioned how good it was in another thread.

  • Yep. Thought if the man with magic staff recommended it personally, its worth a try. Plus I love purple buds and funk....

  • Yea usually I’m not a big fan of outdoor either superman38NC but I’ll admit this strain isn’t a bad one for outdoor grown I mean could of had a better trim job to get the extra stems out but other then that I thought it was worth it and it works for me but just cause does for me mite not for next just had to throw my review out their but your welcome

  • The funk arrived. Good head spacey and body relax indica. Too much and its nap time...Love outdoor prices too. Thank you Merlin..keep casting those spells.

  • Supposed to receive mine tomorrow 😀

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    Got mine delivered yesterday. I don't know about yours @Tommyandpolly2021, but mine smelled up the room! :smile: Agree with others as to the effect. Great for the price!

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    Got my Outdoor 1/2 today. Split of purple OG and Hot Rod. Out the gate I was a little bummed with the bag appeal. Very small pieces if even buds for the purple. Lots of stem. But the effects really deliver on this one. Grind, aroma, smoke, and flavors make up for it. Still wish there was less stem. Hot rod bigger buds and less dense then pictured. Aroma is fairly neutral but first hit the pine came through. Very tasty. High just as described. I’m now struggling get out of bed 5:30 pm on a sat. Be careful with this one. Will save it for right before bed from now on.

  • 👀 @superman38NC struggling to get outta bed? Yes sir, I'll have to get some Hot Rod!

  • Not many strains do that to me @MigraineWarrior79 took me right on down to sleepy town indeed. Hit more Purple OG and my eyes are open now. Worth grabbing I’d say.

  • Sounds like some good stuff @superman38NC thanks for the info! I’m good with trading bag appeal for value and effects!👍🏼😴🧐

  • Go for it Bruno.

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