Merlin’s Concentrates

Love Merlin’s concentrates! @MerlinsMagic bring some more of that budder back! That teainwreck you had was amazing!


  • 2nd this

  • I 3rd this. Please bring back the great multiple choice of diamonds you had as well. 💚

  • 4th this. We need variety, there was so many cookie family concentrates thought I was shopping in a bakery😁

  • 👆🏻I agree with what all these folks said. They are really smart. Y’all should listen to them!!


  • Getting new crumble again soon. All the diamonds I'm finding looks like a cross between diamonds and sugar, like nobody wants to make the super good stuff anymore :( I'll keep looking.

  • @MerlinsMagic Your thca diamonds are an A1 choice product. I've seen the "saucy diamonds" before on the reddit dabs forum. It looks real tasty but don't know how it would hold up being shipped. Especially in summer. Imma have to get to a legal state and try em. Thank you so much for offering products to us people that unfortunately live in illegal areas. Your doing God's work! I mean that. Also is the GSC wax crumble the same as the other crumbles? It's labeled wax crumble and the others are just labeled crumble... Thanks again!!!

  • Yes crumble is a type of wax.

    I'm getting pissed at the selection of diamonds these days... mostly its saucy sugar, still good but not finding the epic diamonds from last year :/

  • Some of Merlin's Wax products are temporarily discounted! Grab some while you can :)

  • Thanks so much to @MerlinsMagic @medboy @medicineman for the price break on some of those yummy waxes! So appreciate everything you guys do!

  • Here to say @MerlinsMagic Wookies Wax is some top notch smoke! I use a MJ Arsenal rig, and torch to use my concentrates, and Wookies has me giggling, and happy with super heavy eyelids.
    I looked for info on this strain as far as which way it leans, so I took a chance; it feels like a heavy Gelato. Ime 💚

  • @MigraineWarrior79 I just love the name wookies wax! 😂

  • @TreesPlz

    For real! Lmao, it def makes me cough & sound like Chewbacca!

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