Is the sour willie strain gone for good?

Anyone know if the sour willie strain be back anytime soon? Think that was one best strain I’ve had from site yet just finished what I had left 🙁 depressing.


  • @Tommyandpolly2021 looks like CC came thru for ya. Check the menu 😎

  • I love the sour willie. Try the green cush if you like the sour willie.

  • I just ordered a half of green Cush and they sent me a quarter of mix?? And still no email back

  • Yea I see that thanx @superman38NC this pay have to hop on some for sure just hope I don’t get the wrong shipment this time..

  • @Tommyandpolly2021

    It takes medboy about 24 hours to get back to you. Don't know how long it's been for ya. 😊💚

  • @Tommyandpolly2021 Well I can tell you one thing, as I said in my reply to your email, sending us a rude email full of expletives is not the way to ask for help with a problem order.

  • AKA you catch more flies with honey

  • @TreesPlz All I ask is that if you're going to contact me, treat me with the same respect you want me to treat you with. If you come at me wildly swinging, I'm going to assume you don't actually need my help and will move on.

  • I'd guess that medboy receives a shit ton of emails from people trying to scam him.

  • @medboy I never once sent any explicit email? Only thing I’ve said in email was I ordered a half of green Cush and got a 1/4 of mix and asked if I got wrong order?or how I go about it? I never once have said anything rude to anyone on this site? Or any vendors Or ever would I knowing you all are buisy people with everyday lives. So I’m sorry if I’ve said anything to Affend anyone. And I’m sure there are a bunch of people with bullshit but I never once had an issue with any order from any vender this was only time sorry y’all for any misinterpretations

  • @Tommyandpolly2021 I love medboy and medman and their service. With that said I have also been accused of saying things in an email that I did not. It was on My 1st order and I felt bad about it but I didnt say anything wrong. Maybe emails are getting mixed up.. Idk. I just dropped it and haven't heard anything else... sorry this happened to ya man...

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