Cash App "Stranger Things"

Went to order an OZ from Cannabis Club today. Order went through. When the payment page was generated it indicated I needed to send in 0.006433 in bitcoin. Only problem is according to CashApp 0.006433 only equaled approx $185.00, well short of the $260 needed. To cover the $260 price the bitcoin required should have been 0.009206. Wonder what's up? Didn't complete the order because the amount of bitcoin required would not have covered the price of the product.


  • Bitcoin is in free fall at the moment.

  • @Good2Go Me and @medman are aware of the issue and are on it!

  • Having the same problem, the btc amount from the order doesnt match the actual amount. Let us know when it is fixed pls @medboy

  • @Ease Pay what you are asked to pay and the order will clear.

  • Thank you :-)

  • I see I’m not the only one with the pricing issue.

  • @medboy just seeing this, I sent what it said to send! I’m sorry, if I need to send more, please let me know.

  • @medboy I ordered from Merlin Friday afternoon will this effect my shipment process

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    Should we wait until it’s fixed to order more @medboy ? I’m afraid if it doesn’t match what the order says to pay, it won’t get processed. I want to buy some more today.

  • @Rubygirl816 @Crazycris The issue is fixed! If you ordered while we were having the issue, as long as you paid the BTC amount you were sent, your order was cleared and processed.

  • @medboy thanks just didn't wanna cheat anybody

  • @Crazycris If you got an order in before the issue was fixed, no biggy. You saved a few bucks!

  • Thanks @medboy, appreciate it!

  • @medboy it is a big deal. I wasn’t looking for a gift, but you guys honored he computer error, and I appreciate that. Thanks.

  • I agree with leaf.... It's a big deal to me too! @medboy you guys rock!!! You treat your customers great and I absolutely love that about your company/organization. Wasn't looking for the discount on my purchase but it absolutely made my day. Thanks again!!!! I really appreciate the service you provide and don't know what I would do without you

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    @medboy I agree with Thatguy. You guys rock. I'm so thankful you offer this to those of us whose states are in the stone ages. This plant has healed my soul and made me start to enjoy life again after a very dark time in my life. It being illegal is what's criminal. Thank you so much. Idk what I'd do without you guys. Thank you!

  • Ditto! I heard when SC legalizes it - no smoke just edibles! It probably won’t get legalized soon so why worry. Plus I have Medman to order from. Thank God…

  • @maryjane are you somewhere in the vicinity of Aiken

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