Merlin’s Wax Slurricane!!

Can anyone tell me if the wax slurricane or wax grape gas is more for daytime or not? I don’t want a downer, I need a upper lol 😂


  • I think both of those should be pretty even, maybe leaning a little more on the indica side. I recently purchased the runtz crumble and found that to be more sativa.

  • Did the runt’s pick you up? I like something that picks me up threw the day but I have noticed sativa makes my anxiety worse so I have been trying to find a middle ground. 😊****

  • @harleygirl_100 I found the runtz to be leaning more on the Sativa side. It did not make me tired at all and gave me more of that head high and a little body high. I prefer heavy Indica strains.

  • I just started dabbing about year ago but I’ve noticed that so many people want indica

  • @harleygirl_100 I also have the runtz crumble and runtz diamonds from merlin. They both tend to couch lock me. Def indica leaning imo. I also have pancake crumble and it seems a tad more sativa than the runtz. Everyone's different. Some strains do different stuff to different people. I kno none of these concentrates are currently on the menu. I only have the scoops diamonds currently up. They are def a knockout. They seem to always have indica concentrates. I know merlins concentrates are pure 🔥 tho...

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    @Mr4Sher you found the runtz crumble more indica? I was hoping it was but it did not make me tired at all. I did just get the cake mix and that is most definitely indica leaning and puts me to sleep.

  • @Mr4Sher I was thinking about getting the runt’s but I don’t want to be laid back. I got pancakes as a substitute for zookies but I haven’t tried it yet. I also ordered wedding cake and it was has a smooth high 🫠 I really like it but I have heard and read that wedding cake is best to smoke in the evening or night time but I like it in the daytime myself and it did not make my anxiety worse, so the wedding cake is smooth sailing it’s a nice high..Lol 😂

  • @homegrow I like some smoke that doesn’t make me sleepy. There’s a lot of Indica lovers on here lol I like indica of a night but during the day I prefer hybrid. I’m currently trying Merlin’s wedding cake🔥 and I’m loving it for daytime..😊

  • Merlin's Wax is temporarily discounted! Grab some while you can :)

  • @medboy thanks for letting me know about the sale. Can you recommend me something that will pick me up for daytime but won’t make my anxiety worse? Thank you 😊

  • @harleygirl_100

    Try the Apple Fritter! Delicious with a pick me up, and calming come down. 😋

  • @harleygirl_100 concentrates that are really high THC don't really have a lot of the indica/sativa qualities that you get from smoking flower in my experience. They just get me f'ed up.

  • i love heavy indicas, they help me alot with ptsd

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