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Hello hope all my fellow tokers enjoyed the holiday weekend. I'd love to hear your guys thoughts on the greatest strains you've ever had. I've been smoking almost 30 yrs now, gave up flower a while back, concentrates only but have great memories of some preemo flower I've come across. Heres my top 3
East coast sour diesel
Martian mean green


  • 90's biker kush, wedding cake, Northern lights

  • I enjoy so many strains, but my favorite remains Sunset Sherbet. I always have some and It’s never let me down! Wish I could remember what we bought, but spent a memorable weekend in Amsterdam in the early 90s with some of the finest bud I’ve ever had.

  • I've had White Rhino from here and Purple Urkle from unknown sources. Probably some of the finest I've ever had.

  • Purple Urkle used to be a staple here @OzBaxter, haven’t seen it in a couple years. Good stuff…would love to see it make a return!

  • @TheProfessor Yeah I could use some Urkle these days lol

  • Mimosa, Runtz, Columbia River Kush

  • It depends on current needs/tastes...

    Right now it's Hot Rod, Master Kush, and Platinum OG

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    Super Lemon Haze, Sunset Sherbert, Wedding Cake, ChemDawg, Strawberry Cough, Thin Mint GSC are some of my all time Fav’s

  • Years ago....Northern Lights. And M.O.A.B.

  • Niice! I forgot about strawberry cough, such a unique flavored smoke one of my all time favs too. Purple urkle sounds interesting never had it. I think these strains are extinct I never see them around anymore.

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    I got some blue cheese and grape ape back in 2012. Both from the same dealer but different times. I got many great strains off him but these 2 stood way out!!! I also want to try purple urkle.. Gonna grab some of that premium GDP off CC if it's still there next week...

  • Northern lights is goat imo. Best ive had from here was the first few batches of lodi dodi from loud. It went down in quality in subsequent batches, but those first ones were absolutely killer in every way.

  • omg cant forget the fruit loops Loud had last year Wow!!!

  • Dream queen the best I have had from this site medmoma 2017

  • GSC, Mars Landing, Blueberry Muffin, Purple Kush

  • That’s a nice selection @Wolfchop2012, always love cookies, but how did I forget Mars Landing, Blueberry Muffin, and Purple Kush?😳. All amazing and repeat strains from here and never a bad batch!😎🧐

  • I’m patiently waiting for their return @TheProfessor.

  • Mars Landing! That was some great smoke!

  • The Wedding Cake from Loud last fall was one of my favorites. My gf took one hit and I had to finish cooking Thanksgiving dinner because she couldn't function.

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    Been a long long time since any type of deasel as been on menu not the outdoor am talking premo are even inside . I pick up some super sour D last week I forgot just how good it is the best of sativa dominate hybrids

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