Fastest East Coast Delivery Yet!

Just wanted to thank you for the super fast shipping, I ordered some Clementine Live Resin Tuesday afternoon and boom today (Friday) along with Amazon it was delivered! I’m on a small island in the most southern point in N.J. on the Atlantic Ocean and things usually take along time to get here.. Just wanted to thank you again for your help!


  • You live in Cape May?

  • USPS is always fast nowadays. A cross country flight is 6 hours at the longest. USPS uses commercial commuter flights like American Airlines. Mail is moving 24/7 and a common reason for flight delay on the tarmac.
    With Informed Delivery from USPS, you are informed the instant a shipping label is created. The only time packages take longer than 3 days is when you see a shipping label that was made on one day and the package hasn't been taken to the post office yet, sometimes for like 4 or 5 days.
    Once the package is "accepted" at the post office of origin, it's most likely gonna be at your local mail distribution center the day after. Then it's up to how good your local post office is at staying on top of things.
    I'm in central Florida. If my stuff gets sent out on a Monday afternoon from CA or WA, it arrives in FL Monday late night/ Tuesday early morning. And, if I'm lucky, and my mail lady is in speedy delivery mode, it's in my box Tuesday between 1pm & 5pm. Usually my mail lady misses the cut off, and I get it on Wednesday first thing like 10am.
    I can see the mail kiosk from my house, I can stroll on over and ask real kindly if I can have my mail for the day.

  • Great,
    In NYC, orders on Monday seem to go out by Tues afternoon. If lucky it will get to me by Fri. Late afternoon or Saturday. Usps is usually fantastic, pretty reliable considering their volume!

  • Not so with Med Mama. Placed an order Monday. Today's Thursday (early morning) and the order has gone no where. If they don't ship today it will be middle of next week before I see the product. Pisses me off to no end. That being said, I have been through this before so I was prepared to wait the full10 ten days ( 8 has been the longest and usually is associated with Monday holidays like I am facing now, so I am not whining about it. Just saying, don't get your hopes up. The site has been totally upfront with the 10 day delivery, and with multiple orders placed never has exceeded 8 days.

  • USPS has always been on time.
    The only thing that sucks about Informed Delivery is that you can see that your shipping label was created and then Informed Delivery indicates
    "Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item" and you keep checking the USPS app like 10 times a day and you say to yourself......"take my shit ton the post office, already".
    After 4 or 5 days of "Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item", it finally starts moving. Then it's like 2-3 days until you get your package. When you add those numbers together you are looking at a weeks worth of time before you receive your valuables.
    I placed an order with Loud&co yesterday. If it isn't sent out today or tomorrow, I'm gonna get annoyed because Tuesday would be the next available shipping day, this Monday is a postal holiday (Veterans Day).
    With that being said, if my package isn't sent out by Friday, I'm not going to get my order until the end of next week, whuch is a total bummer.
    My budget only allows for a 1/2oz. every 2 weeks or so, it's all I can afford. I try to stay ahead, but if I'm looking at several days between the time my order is confirmed and the time it is sent out, I get a little annoyed and nervous that my current supply isn't going to last as long as I need it to.
    Loud&co, Med Mama, if y'all see this post............
    Please, pretty please, with a doobie on top, try and get this weeks orders out by Friday so we aren't nervous wrecks, checking our Informed delivery over the long-ass weekend.
    As always, Thanks to MedMan, MedBoy, MedMama and Loud&co. You folks are the best.
    Have A Nice Day!

  • I put in an order on Sunday evening that did not have a label created until Tuesday. Which is very out of the ordinary with my past experiences. USPS shows no movement as of Thursday noon EDT. Not a huge deal for me as I’m just restocking the stash. What I did notice though is my label is set for first class shipping when all other shipments have been priority mail. So not only will it will take longer to ship. There’s also no insurance on this shipment. I usually spend twice what I spent this time. Does order value or type dictate shipping choice and timing?

  • It could be because our shippers have had a higher volume of orders lately. I'll check with them.

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    This is becoming too much of a habit too many people with too many complaints whether it be shipping or shitty quality. I've been needing to place an order for the past couple days and I just don't think I'm gonna do it at this time I'm gonna go local. And this shipping issue hasn't just been lately this is been an ongoing problem you can go back and read the post. I placed two orders back to back within five minutes on 10/5 my friend received her order within a few days on 10/10 I on the other hand didn't receive my order to the 22nd. I'm sorry and I hate to say this as much as I love this place but I've honestly lost confidence at what product you're going to get and when its going to be shipped from either of these two shippers. Good luck 😏

  • The way I see it its not a diminish in shipping but more that its been above average recently. I would go so far as to say folks might be getting spoiled with 3 day shipping. Its frustrating to order something last Friday, get the label printed Tuesday and still not see any movement today (thursday) but considering what this place is doing were lucky it dosnt take a month.

    Its easy to forget because everything here is so great but even shipping from one state pot is legal to another pot is also legal, is not. As they say, MM always delivers

  • I disagree with saying the shipping has been above average recently, I've been buying from this site for four years or so and the shipping has always been extremely fast usually within a week it's only been recently that the shipping has become an issue, it's the other way around. Imo. I agree they do us a tremendous favor but this form is to also let them know when things aren't going great as well as when things are going great. Recently we've been having issues with both shipping and quality. I'm sure things will get back to the way they used to be . I'm hoping so , just placed another order from Loud ,will see.

  • I have to disagree with the above statement of becoming "spoiled with 3 day delivery". Shipping packages, and possessing orders, are two completely different ordeals. The USPS priority shipping is usually right on time 1-3 days. How ever long it takes to process an order is unpredictable. Volume and quantity of orders will fluctuate on a day-to-day basis. Picking, sealing, protecting, packing and posting orders is a tedious process. So we all understand and remain patient.
    USPS promises that priority mail takes 1, 2, or 3 days, at the most. They don't guarantee it, but at least they make a promise.
    The USPS interactive priority mail map indicates that there is no part of the continental United States in which it takes more than 3 days. That's not grounds for us to become spoiled, we've come to expect it (form USPS).
    The frequency of when the shippers send our orders to the post office of origin is what typically would dictate the length of any "delay". An occasional catastrophe will delay the mail also but we would most likely be aware of any catastrophic events that take place.
    I'm gonna assume there is a method to the shippers madness. If it were me, I certainly wouldn't go to the post office every day, or on the same day, every week (safety purposes).
    The last thing I would want, if I was a shipper, would be if some piece of shit criminal became aware of what I was shipping and when I was headed to the post office. That would be bad. You would increase the odds of getting robbed and whatnot. I wouldn't worry for one second of the "legality" of what I was up to. I'd be most concerned with some prick following me.

  • Med mama shipped my order in a timely manner this week. I placed the order Monday and will receive Saturday. SIX DAYS. Not shabby by any stretch of the imagination.
    When you consider the amount of mistake free work that has to go into each package to keep everyone out of prison, six days is excellent work in my opinion.
    One last thing, I never have any quality issues with any product. Every bag of weed purchased was ALL Bud. I was purchasing the cheapest weed available on the site. Never was I disappointed with product from Medicine man. My last batch of vapes was harsh, but I believe I filled by refillable carts about 10 x to many. I do not believe it was the vape oil it self.
    In conclusion there is no reason to start doubting Medicine man now. Growth in company's does not come without some pain. When you consider in total what the gravity of felonies are, the amount they are shipping, the variety of what is carried. The service to us unbelievably good.
    To some degree we have been spoiled with great service. If your product arrives a few days later then what YOU bad. This isn't just about YOU. Its about everybody's security and well being. Not one single order has taken more then 8 days.
    and quality never, never an issue.
    So relax a little

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    Tracker, just because you haven't had an issue doesn't mean problems don't exist so you've been lucky. I waited 22 days for my last order and when I'm spending that kind of amount of money I do get concerned! And yes it is about me when a company offers a service and you pay for that service a premium at that it does become about me. What's happening has nothing to do with security! That statement literally makes no sense, it's stupid. Also When you order something you expect that order to be processed and shipped out ASAP not 3 weeks later that has nothing to do with being spoiled, another stupid remark. Not trying to offend anybody but I'm getting tired of the spoiled marks!! I think it's great that you have not encountered any shipping or quality issues, that's actually awesome that's the way it used to be here! But just because you're not having any issues don't offend others that are and calling them spoiled! Have a good day.

  • Tracker 3785, Lucky you.
    "Relax a little", says the person who can see their order in transit.
    I have to agree with Flapples on their commentary.
    You are missing the point entirely.
    It's not all about YOU and your flawless experience either.
    Obviously you haven't had to wait 14 days to inquire as to whereabouts of an order that was never shipped. I have.
    Hopefully you won't ever have to go through that because it's hard to "relax a little" when you have $$$ tied up and you consider cannabis as Valuable Medicine.

  • My last Sunday order left the origin PO last night, but because of the holiday my delivery isn’t happening until Tuesday. Guess my order while being $325 in cost wasn’t up to snuff in weight to qualify for priority shipping. Not upset really but confused. First time I’ve not had priority. Might have gotten it by Saturday if it were 🤷‍♀️

  • Thisguy, Flapples
    All am trying to say is the over whelming comments on this board are positive. Your experiences have not been the norm.
    So yes relax a little. No one on this board has reported not getting a product.
    Nothing in life is perfect is all am saying.

  • I understand am waiting on a some what large order I put in Friday the 1st and am unable to get Informed Delivery so have no idea when i will receive my order but am sure it will get here sometime, and if anyone is spoiled I would say the shippers are they know that when they ship it will get to us in 3 days so they are not in any hurry to get it out just my opinion and we all know what opinions are.

  • Funkynugz,
    Does "not up to snuff" mean not up to weight? I don't comprehend the saying.

    Priority mail and First class mail do not have weight minimums and they both suggest a 1-3 day delivery.
    Trying to look on the bright side here, since you order moved last night you may very well get it Saturday.
    In my experience, my orders have always arrived 1 day earlier than originally predicted by Informed Delivery.
    My previous order from Loud&co was shipped out on a Thursday night and was in my box at 1p.m. Saturday from Washington to Florida.
    If the USPS has your package in motion at this time, they want to get rid of it as soon as possible. They don't want to sit on it Sunday and Monday if they can avoid it. Even if it is a postal holiday the mail keeps moving. For the USPS, storage space is too expensive and hard to come by.
    Best of luck.

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    I usually buy two zips of flowers minimum at a time, this time i just got 8g of wax and got 1st class over priority mail. The day early thing yeah it works for priority mail but 1st class can and does sit longer. That’s all I’m saying. I use both for my eBay store so I know how the mail works, thanks. What I don’t know is why my order shipped differently this time unlike all my other orders in the past. I’m in no hurry otherwise.

  • I appreciate everyone's patience while we get issues sorted out. I've been in conversation with Med Mama and I've learned that some of the problems have stemmed from inadequate training of new staff. That staff has now received more training.

    I think this is what explains the discrepancy I can see on this thread, that some are having a great experience and others are not.

  • Probably won’t use Med Mama again . Inconsistent quality and slow shipping 😞

  • There has been some turnover in my staff as we changed the office. It is regrettable about the delays and quality issues in the last month as we've gotten situated.
    I understand if you don't want to order from me anymore, but please a formal complaint on the website if you were significantly impacted and I'll do my best to make it right, either replacing poor quality or giving coupons for future orders.

  • No worries, Medmama.

    I have personally always had excellent service from you and the quality has never been questionable... always top notch.

    Sometimes a squeaky wheel is just looking for some grease.... and buyers should plan two weeks in advance.

    Keep your head high, Mama. You are still loved by many... including me. The mint chocolate chip last month was excellent.

  • I’m most impressed with your service and products. Yes, I waited 13 days for an order. But, it came, had extras samples in the package and I didn’t have to panic because my local guy is out. And, it was great stuff!

  • I also agree. Excellent service, quality products, and typically fast shipping. Sounds like things are going to be back to normal. I also received a sample Mint Choc was superb! Would love to see that back on the menu..

  • Love to see medmama stepping up! I've never had any problems, but I usually only order 3-4 times a year. I always order from her because I love the gum drops.

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