Has anyone tried CC Premium GDP? Review please!

Looking at this one. Looking for a review. Thanks.


  • Been wondering the same...

  • I been eyeing this too, anyone tried?

  • Somebody anyone have a review for this 1?

  • I've been wanting to try GDP for a while. Not to mention it's cannabis clubs first premium!!! I just ordered a lil 1/4 zip to give it a try. I'm probably going to regret not ordering more...

  • I loved it. Just ordered more. I am not one of those that can give a detailed breakdown of the buzz. It's relaxing and smooth, I guess. Definitely "purple" (grape) smell, but has a lot of bright green and orange. Worth the price for me. 👍🏼

  • I haven’t tried the GDP but CC’s alien OG is 🔥. I would say the batch I received is more sativa dom.

  • __i just ordered a lid of premium grand daddy purple from@cannabis club, when it arrives i will post pics and review it in my opinion.

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    I hope mine arrives before the week is over, I placed the order Saturday, so I hope it goes out today, then I would get it by Saturday, but whenever I do get my premium GDP,from cannabisclub, I will post pics and review it.. In the meantime, i am puffing on wedding cake moon rocks, they are great! also Kush Berry, it is a great smoke, and my son has some Jager, and I have some wedding cake wax, as well, and some RSO Heavy Indica, for those nights,when my sciatic pain is whipping my ass, with pain, RSO makes sleeping great, through the pain.

  • I put the RSO, in empty capsules, that I ordered, because the taste, it lingers for a long time, I find the capsules a perfect solution, for me.

  • Got prem GDP as well, excited to try it. I ordered last Wednesday and I've never been disappointed by a cc strain.

  • I just wish it would magically teleport here faster,lol. I can dream,be safe all.

  • My premium GDP is inn transit, so I will review it when it arrives, I am very excited!

  • Guys this is some good shit. Very smooth smoke, almost no harshness even out of a spoon pipe. Nice and sticky, dark green nugs with a purple hue and tons of orange hairs. I don't get why CC insists on smashing their amazing bud with a food saver but it's just the bag appeal. This GDP ash was almost pure white. I'm stoned off a bowl and I dab concentrates often. Definitely indica leaning. I love it!! 9 out a 10. CC good job but stop crushing the nugs with a vacuum sealer and it would be 10 outta 10.

  • @Mr4Sher I did let CC know about the vacuum sealing a few weeks ago. They never got back to me about it. I'm thinking it's just the best way for them to pack their buds.

  • @medboy it's just a minor inconvenience. The quality and service more than makes up for it. Thanks for actually caring about your custies..

  • @Mr4Sher definitely thought your comment said 'crusties' at first instead of 'custies' 🤣

  • 2 bags dont shrink the bud bag just seal it and then vacuum the 2nd bag as MM does

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