Cannabis Club Concentrates

Does cannabis club plan to stock concentrates again or are they out of the concentrates business?


  • Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond their control Cannabis Club
    will be taking a short hiatus. I do not have an exact date that they
    will be back but we do count on their return as soon as they are ready
    to do so.

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    I am going to miss Cannabis club,unfortunately I only ordered flower from them once. I got lucky..GDP or grandaddy purple. I recieved a ounce from CC friday no frills just flower vacuum sealed in heavy duty plastic. I was rather annoyed "Baggies we don't need no stinking Baggies!!" Until saw what came out of the sticky icky brick. Beautiful hard but the stickiest bud's I've gotten. I never shouldn't have listened to the haters. absolutely the best cure on flower from any shipper 🔥🧨

  • @MNTDWLER That GDP is awesome huh? I wish I would've ordered more... Such a smooth and delicious flavor with an equally good buzz!!!

  • @Mr4Sher no doubt scandalous bud's they are. I love the flavor as much as the high.

  • Noooooo I need my CC! They’re the best! 😔 big sad

  • @cancerwarrior We are looking forward to their return. We do not have an exact date, but they will be back!

  • So glad they are coming back because I'm a huge CC fan! They are so generous with their bag sizes! I think I got 36 grams for the last ounce I bought from them!

  • Was wanting to try their berry kush or the xxx and will get some more of the mix great for my sugars

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