So pissed

So my landlord is selling the townhouse we are living in and said that we'd have 24 hours notice for any showings. We didn't get that, and now I'm missing at least 1/4 ounce of my premium Runtz that I had left out. And it's not like I can do a damn thing about it. I feel violated. I might get one of those door jam lock bars to keep everyone out and go out through the garage door unless they actually give us the 24 hours notice.


  • That really sucks my friend.🤬.

  • Realtors don't give a damn about a 24 hour notice. Was sound asleep and the agent tried to come in the back door. I stood there half naked and said get the fuck out of here.

  • You have the right to refuse entry if 24 hour notice is not given. If Landlord or realtor have keys, add an extra lock!

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    @Sixwaychili Fuck that. Decent people don't steal, let alone true stoners. Not to be a smartass, but do you think maybe the realtor may have hid it somewhere so the prospective buyers didn't see it?? Just a thought. Be happy they didn't report you. If it was stolen, then fuck them and karma has your back.

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    @greenspirit nope. It was taken out of one jar and there were 7 jars out. They all saw it. That was the only thing missing, maybe thinking I wouldn't notice. But I notice all right! If they reported me, I'd sue him and my landlord for not giving notice.

    @medboy, I'm going to put a door jammer lock on the door. I know they don't work great, but they would require using your shoulder to break in, which probably isn't a good look for a realtor in front of clients. I wasn't home at the time, but a neighbor mentioned there were people there or else I wouldn't have known. Checked my front door cam and there were 4-5 people there, so the realtor couldn't keep an eye on everyone at all times (if it wasn't him!). I called him and he knew I was pissed and said he'd make sure to give notice from now on.

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    Dick move

  • Some bs for sure hate to hear that happened, unfortunately lot of shitty people in the world but thankfully karma is a bitch

  • Just tell the landlord there was a theft and tell him what time it happened - are you in a legal state?

  • That does suck .a friend of mine was getting his carpets cleaned in his apartment had been smoking the carpet cleaner showed up early and evidently saw a bong that was still smoking so he called his boss and he called the police so my friend got arrested 😡

  • @Beach57 wow you gotta be a straight piece of shit to have someone locked up over taking care of their mental health in their own damn home. Sorry that happened I mean know lot of property owners don't want smoking or illegal activities taking place on their properties but come on now who and how was he hurting anyone or anything?

  • @MikeyC nope, not even medicinal. Nothing I can do other than threaten the realtor with going to his boss for entering property without permission, but that's a likely dead end or worse.

    Not going to get my landlord involved, because what happens when they confront the realtor and he says what was there?

    I'm just most mad that it was the premium runtz! That's my favorite strain right now.

  • @Beach57 That's ridiculous! I did have a termite inspection recently and the inspector saw my 2 foot bong in the pantry. I said "you didn't just see that" and he just laughed and said I had no idea the things he has seen and was giving me advice about getting pulled over. He plays paint ball with a cop who said that as long as you said that it was hemp, they wouldn't bother testing it as long as it wasn't an excessive amount.

  • Yep it was completely senseless he was charged with possession of paraphernalia and misdemeanor possession of weed. that has been 8 years ago they let up a little on the laws since then but not much our state sucks

  • that’s a bummer for sure. The premium Runtz are great. I only have about a bowl pack or so left of mine. They were quite tasty.

  • I am sending positive karma your way and hopefully more. If there's a way there's a way!

  • I'm returning the favor now. They're calling for showings and asked for one in 22 hours. Said 'nope!, I require 24 hours notice.'

  • Yeah can show the place after my medicine gets replaced lol probably won't work but be nice if could

  • I guess it’s my age (68) but I keep everything in my bedroom hidden. I live alone but my granddaughters are here a lot and they like to snoop. I wish I could leave it all out and just be the stoner I am. I live in the Deep South however there are lots of stoners here, too. I am so grateful for this website. It is like being in a candy shop (office supply?) for me. Much appreciated.

  • I hear you, @MaryJane2020 . It sucks living in the cannabis closet.

  • @antfuzz it's a good thing you're not me. If someone tried to come into my house while I was in the shower or otherwise nude, he or she'd wind up swiss cheesed. Theoretically, if someone shows up in your house that isn't supposed to be there how do you know that they didn't use a bump key? It just because there's no forced entry doesn't mean that somebody hasn't broken in. I know that the person that you said did that to you was a realtor but you can't be too careful nowadays, next time it might just be somebody posing as a realtor.

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