Are we ever gonna get some shrooms back in stock? Just wondering it's been quite a while


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    I've heard of shrooms before @dankdark420 but I never did try them. I read they were a different type of effect than smoking a joint or taking a dab is. I read where people say, that they see a side of themselves, that they didn't know to exist and I'm wondering if that's true..šŸ§ šŸ˜Š

  • @harleygirl_100 definitely true and very different than cannabis. Be very careful with shrooms. They aren't like a "buzz" but more like entering a different dimension. It's very difficult to explain...

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    Psychedelic drugs break the programming you've had since birth. They at least make you completely aware of it. I have a permanent bullshit detector now. Basically, just about every single thing the world thinks is true is actually a lie. And I haven't taken any in about 30 years.

  • They will help you take a break from society and connect to the world through nature and spirit!

  • Back in stock today!

  • ah bull there aint none, nah I'm just kidding I see em in stock again

  • Well that didn't last very long lol. Hope some are back in stock soon

  • @mann They go so fast!

  • I'll order more <3

  • @MerlinsMagic i really enjoy those Mycro tabs that are mixed with Ginger! A little on the expensive side but the convenience is killer! Little half a tab before work and Iā€™m focused and in a great mood all day.

  • I really miss the san pedro and penis envy shrooms, they gave the strongest trip Ive ever had with shrooms.

  • I missed both the PE and A+ this time around because of coinbases 7 day hold. And now that it's available to spend there's none available on the site. :(

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