Cannabis Club's Return

When will CC return? Have you heard anything @medboy? I miss their flower choices...


  • I never got to try their flowers but only heard good things.

  • We miss them too! Not sure on a return date. I haven't heard never, just unclear on details.

  • Ok thanks. Fingers crossed they do come back and are all ok.

  • @Mr4Sher Absolutely! Not to mention they always gave you extra too! Can't wait for them to return.

  • I'm a big fan. They're the only shipper that consistently has sativas to choose from.

  • Mixed feelings for me on cc. Tried the flower soon after they came on board and it was ultra dry. Later on after some positive reviews on the msg board, tried em again and still very dry. I did like the fat bags and the cool freebies though. Their vapes in those metal carts were good as well, just couldnt get past the dry ass flower.

  • I loved the consistency of the strains offered, especially the indicas. I do hope they come back.

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