Shout out to Loud & Co

@LoudnCo THANK YOU!! Just a shout out for some pretty fast shipping! I ordered evening of the 30th and I received my order on the 8th. And that was over Labor Day weekend too! They also honored my split request to the T! Love the new shatters. Thanks so much to you and everyone else at MedicineMan!


  • I might add…I’m about as far East as you can get too. So hoping this will encourage others to continue ordering from them.

  • Lemon Kush....outstanding

  • I love loud but they normally take forever. 8 days is still pretty long compared to merlin's 3-4 day delivery but damn they have fire bud. i order from loud when im not in a rush and im east coast also.

  • @rshigh81 agreed. Also east coaster. When I’m running dangerously low it is gonna be Merlin.

  • I'm east coast as well, but one of the postal hubs in route to my town must be slack. The last few months, it's taking at least eight days no matter which shipper I order from. I'm glad y'all are getting speedier service. I don't blame @MerlinsMagic or @LoudnCo

  • I just got a super fast shipment from loud - 5 days coast to coast

  • Shit! Loud’s latest drop has me drooling!
    Just ordered LA Confidential, and a split of Gumbo, Apples and Bananas, and Peanut Butter Breath. Oh, and some indica tincture from Merlin.
    Can’t wait!!!

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