Splitting ounces

@medboy @MerlinsMagic If I purchase 4 ounces of one strain but want it split with another strain do I do it just like I would if I were only splitting an ounce? Buy 4 ounces of the one strain and Put in the comment section the other strain I want and that I want it split 50/50? Tjsnks


  • I’m sure they’ll respond @NeedsWeedz, but that is the normal procedure. I’ve been doing two and four ounce splits here for years. Just be clear as to how you want it split in the comments section. I’ve gotten my splits probably 99% of the time. The vendors here are great!😎🧐

  • The shippers will honor splits if they are able to, just make it very clear in the comments as to what you want. I'd advise to put subs as well, just in case.

  • @NeedsWeedz Exactly, write in comments: PLEASE SPLIT, 2 oz ... & 2 oz ...

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