anyone know of a good strain on the whole menu for COMPLETE muscle relaxation?

Anyone know of a good strain on the menu (preferably flower and whichever price) to just relax my muscles so that I don't feel them at all lol or something close like that? I remember some strains that did what I'm talking about that come to mind were cement shoes (still cant forget this strains effects in my head), purple punch (maybe don't remember that well), or I remember some indicas that Medman sold did this but I don't remember too well their names. I'm looking for a strain that just COMPLETELY eliminates muscle tension or muscle cramps for a few hours. I wouldn't mind smoking a strain that I just can't feel my damn body and I just feel weightless lol. I remember some of medman's strains did this but I'm not complaining one bit lol. good times.


  • GMO does this for me. It's really hard to guess what strain will cause these effects on you tho... I think merlin has GMO up at the moment. Dosi Dosi is another super relaxing strain merlin has had up lately.

  • @TheStonedOne yeah, give that dosi dosi a try

  • @TheStonedOne Off the current menu, I gotta third Dosi Dosi with @Mr4Sher and @TreesPlz. Great value! We’re on our second or third oz. Loud’s Mendo Breath should also be promising.😎🧐

  • @TheStonedOne

    I'd recommend off Loud's menu- Lemon Kush, Purple Punch, Purple Urkle, Jager & Mendo Breath

    Merlin's- Purple Punch, Dosi Dosi, & Sunset Sherbet cake.

    There's some real bangers up right now, & can't go wrong with any of these. If either of the shippers put up Hindu Kush, that's a real great relaxer as well.
    I suffer so much with widespread body pain, so I'm always on the lookout for the heavy indicas for relaxers. 😉💚

  • Thanks for the advice peeps

  • @MigraineWarrior79 You tried the batch of purple urkle that loud has up currently?

  • All great strains @MigraineWarrior79! I didn’t even see the Purple Urkle…it’s been a long while since that’s been on the menu.

  • @Mr4Sher

    Not yet, but ordering it asap!

    @TheProfessor definitely scooping it up soon 💚

  • @TheProfessor and @MigraineWarrior79 any great nighttime (indica dominant) premium strains up for sale right now?

  • @baggy

    Honestly, my friend I can't speak to any premiums because I haven't gotten any of them in a few months just to affordability sake. Boo 👎

    Perhaps @TheProfessor can direct you better. 💚💨

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    Same as @MigraineWarrior79, plus I go through a lot of med. dispensary flower as well. But, @baggy if I was putting in an order for some premium evening flower, I’d be getting some Gushlato. It wouldn’t put me out, but should make for a wonderful lazy evening on the couch. Gushers (Bacio Gelato x Triangle Kush) and more Gelato. Love them both…sounds like a great match!😎🧐.
    Edit: If you’re looking for sleep, the only strain on the menu at the moment that might put me out would be Loud’s Purple Urkle. I’ve had good luck with the PU here over the years.

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    Great recommendations as always @TheProfessor! I’ve tried many purple strains but never Urkle. The GMO seems to work pretty well for good nights sleep too.

  • Bacio Gelato knocks me out after nice fat bowl.

  • Love the effects of Bacio and GMO, but they don’t make me all that sleepy. I have a short, but alway growing list of strains for insomnia.

  • Can I has that list @TheProfessor ? 😀

  • Absolutely, my friend! Wish I could share @TreesPlz! These strains are exclusively bedtime strains…like the last bowl or budkup before my head hits the pillow. I also find myself up at least once a night, but a quick bowl and I’m out again. I’m currently rotating Pure OG, Platinum OG, and Snowball from my med. dispensary and Hot Rod from here. My first experiences with Pure and Platinum were from Medicineman a few years ago and I’ve been lucky to find them locally. That Snowball is some of the heaviest flower I’ve ever hit! Hot Rod is a sentimental favorite.
    Sleep strains that I want again and again!
    Katsu Bubba Kush
    5th Element
    Grape Ape
    I’ve had mixed results (by batch) with some being really good:
    Skywalker OG
    Blackberry Kush
    Purple Urkle
    They’re so important in my life that I make sure that I always have a healthy supply and variety!😎🧐

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    @TheProfessor ew, I need to dust off the hot rod! Good stuff! I liked that dosi dosi too.

    My local dispensary has started carrying some good indica THC gummies w/terps. I chase one with a CBD gummy, and two hours later it's bedtime for bonzo.

  • I make little capsules out of the reclaim from my dab rig. I've found that ingesting reclaim makes me more sleepy than any strain could. Idk if reclaim has a shitlIoad of cbn or why its so sedating...

  • @TreesPlz I haven’t had the kind of results I was looking for from gummies. I’ve tried just about every one around here designed to help sleep…different doses, some with CBD, some with CBN, they help me fall asleep, but they tend to wake me up in a couple hours…more so than without. We’ve been taking CBD gummies for years, but that’s for arthritis and joint pain.

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    I remember getting the Outdoor Purple Urkle at the same time the infamous Jaeger showed up for the first time 3 or 4 years ago? Don't remember much about it, other than it not being quite as good as the Jaeger. :smiley:

    That being said, I seem to remember that the first year of Jaeger was the best one. But maybe I just got too spoiled with all the great strains.

  • I just got an order yesterday of Mendo Breath and Purple Diesel and Loud threw in a Ice Cream Cake freebie j. Figured I'd light up that freebie since I haven't tried Ice Cream Cake before. I smoked about half of it in one sesh. Walked inside sat down to watch the Braves clinch the NL East next thing I know I'm waking up on the couch at 3:30 in the morning. Its a creeper and super relaxing. I'm hoping the Mendo Breath is similar.

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