Loud's Greenhouse Purple Urkle

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Anyone tried it?? @MigraineWarrior79??? I just ordered a split of it and Super Lemon Haze. I've been wanting to try purple urkle for awhile so I'm excited... Any and all reviews appreciated!!!


  • @Mr4Sher

    Not yet, but I have no doubt it's great.

    My days of having a surplus of cannabis are nil right now until my income goes up. πŸ™ƒ

    I'm currently on a part-time job hunt that's willing to work with these disabilities I deal with.

    Def not easy.

    Ah well, it is what it is. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’šπŸ’¨

  • @MigraineWarrior79 I'm sorry friend. Times are tough everywhere. Cost of living going through the roof but no raises in salaries to compensate. How are we supposed to survive? It's getting scary. I'm down to $50 a week I can afford for cannabis. It's rough trying to get by on a gram a day... You are in my thoughts and prayers. If you were closer I'd share when I get my pack...

  • @Mr4Sher

    You're in mine as well, friend. I appreciate the thoughts & prayers. 😊

    I totally get the gram a day; some days I skip to make it last.
    I def miss when I could buy whenever I wanted.

    I can only hope there is an end to this in sight; until then, just hold on tight, & pray. πŸ™πŸ’š

  • Wasn't Purple Urkle offered as outdoor at the same time that Jaeger showed up for the first time years ago?

  • I think you’re right @Sixwaychili. I know I went through several ounces and I think at least some of it was outdoor. Good to see it back! It was an excellent nighttime strain.

  • Received my pack of Purple Urkle yesterday... At first I was a little disappointed that loud didn't honor my request for a split with Super Lemon Haze. Then I tried the PU. It's amazing! The nose on it is strong of grapes and the typical "purple" smell. After grinding the "purple" smell really stood out... Although this batch isn't purple at all... The taste is the same "purple deliciousness". I usually smoke 4 bowls, per session, out of my 14" beaker. After 2 I was thinking "Damn". Went ahead with the 3rd bowl and was stoned as fuck... Next thing I knew I was waking up from a nap... Great weed!! Probably the best I've gotten off of here. Including premiums. Needless to say I'm not disappointed about the split anymore but thankful they didn't honor it.. Lol. I know the menus loaded right now, but I can't recommend this strain enough!!!

  • @Mr4Sher

    Super happy that it's treating you well! Sounds like classic PU, lmao!

  • Gotta love the Purple Urkle! Enjoy @Mr4Sher!

  • Thx for the feedback @Mr4Sher sounds amazing..not much you can go wrong with right now!

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