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    Thx for the update! @medboy glad it’s resolved. My package I ordered on the 4th may be here tomorrow or Sat 😎

  • Mine too! : )

  • Requested a i95/ scone split earlier today so fingers crossed always comes thru tho last split the GP was nice almost considered some more and Carmel was good although all dime or smaller effects were there and no seeds or big stems but enjoyed i95 last time and blueberry always calls my name

  • @rshigh81 have you gotten yours? I’m still waiting on mine from @LoudnCo from the 28th. @medboy said they would see what’s up! My anxiety is screaming 😂 I have tried to be so patient! I will stick with @MerlinsMagic from now on! I knew better, but I just really wanted to try the pink runtz 😭 2 weeks later my label is still in preshipment mode too!

  • @Southernbellesmoker Nope, was told there was an email issue the same day I placed my order and @MerlinsMagic requested me to chose another strain because it was out. Medboy and the team didnt see the email until this Monday so they shipped me out something. Still dont see a new label and was a little upset because ive been trying to grab bubba kush for awhile and I was grabbing 1oz of discount premium caramel smalls also. Not sure what its being replaced with but I hope its good. We shall see.

  • @rshigh81 I ordered a half from loud, and vapes from merlin on the 28th. I had the merlins part of the order by October 3. I need my flower! I’m sorry you didn’t get what you wanted! Especially the discount smalls 😭 that’s terrible. Everyone says medboy always makes it right! I hope you get your meds soon and it’s even better than the BK!

  • Hey y’all
    I put an order in on 10/3 with Bitcoin then turned another order in with litecoin on 10/4. I received my 10/3 order but nothing on 10/4 order. Medboy or Merlin fYi.

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    Things are moving and they always come thru so keep the faith but requested on 7 and touchdown 13 so definitely can't complain on turnaround there now just gotta wait to open and test little later but really looking forward to testing some scone, love a good bb the muffins last year or whenever that was were smashing so hopefully this at least close to similar effects
    @LoudnCo loving the promptness and quickness this time good looking out

  • @pap7777 Our email server crashed last week for 3 days. BTC orders are sent to our system automatically. However, LTC we receive via email and manually pull and process them. Since our email system was down we did not receive any LTC orders those days. So we likely didn't receive/process your order. Please email me so I can find your order and process it. Thanks!

  • I sent it 🌞

  • Order in pre shipment for about a week hopefully everything went through ok just smoked my very last and not looking forward to working tomorrow 😂 I hope informed delivery is just slow and I get it by the weekend

  • @Vapedad78 was told USPS lost my package before it ever left the first hub. I was told @LoudnCo is reshipping my 9/28 order today. But I haven’t seen any labels coming up yet for that either 😑 Hopefully I get it by next week, but I feel like I should just place an order with @MerlinsMagic at this point. It would still get here first, I bet! @Stoneyhomie same thing for me. Pre shipment label only. I waited two weeks trying to follow the rules, and finally contacted @medboy and he said Usps lost it before it ever left it’s first hub 😣

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    @Southernbellesmoker I just checked my label and now it has movement and says delivery Monday. That’s 2 weeks from the original purchase but I was told the product went out Monday. You’re situation could’ve been fixed a lot sooner had it been checked earlier but thems their rules. Not normal for @MerlinsMagic but tends to always happen when you’re excited to try new strains, get a great deal or running low. I hope whatever they replaced it with hits and is the amount I ordered even though it was discounted. Always have a back up plan in case this happens is my suggestion.

  • Both of the shippers have the same rule about tracking requests. We do this because if we did not we would get 100 emails a day asking for tracking. ID is not reliable. We know this by dealing with the USPS for years. Also, when the shippers confirm to me that they are re-shipping, the re-ship goes out the very next day. If the original started moving then maybe you'll get two, we cannot control anything once the packages leave our hands. If there are anymore issues, always email me and the shippers and I will always try to help with the best of our ability.

  • @Southernbellesmoker that stinks only had that happen once in few years where particular thing wanted ended up missing out after it went missing and reshipped but they always Mahe right and deliver. Again I gotta give props to @LoudnCo this go round since was not only bout the quickest turnaround I've experienced with them and split was honored and both are gorgeous and bangers from wear little scientific testing been able do in short time with it

  • @Vapedad78 @rshigh81 received it after they reshipped. Pink runtz is really good for sure! Ordered some vapes from merlins. Normally says San Jose, but I have a pre ship showing Sunnyvale CA, you think that’s it?

  • I try not to list names, places or certain info on here just in case never know who watching could just be paranoid but... yes probably and glad to hear reship hit know that's a relief of some anxiety

  • Is anybody getting double confirmation emails? I placed an order from Loud last Wednesday and received two confirmation emails but as of today still no label created typical I guess from what Ive read. Placed another one yesterday for merlins magic and also received two confirmation emails anybody else? Thanks

  • @Flapples If you hit the submit button twice, sometimes it will send us the order twice and send 2 payment requests. Only the one you pay for will process.

    Also, we have been trying to work on a glitch we have been having for a very long time. Sometimes after making payment another payment request is sent. Never pay it, always pay the first. Sorry for the confusion! If you ever want to confirm with me to be safe just shoot me an email.

  • @MerlinsMagic with the quickness and great timing put in request early morn 26th and appeared at destination 29th that might be a new record, haven't opened yet but had to praise and give recognition where is due , yall and @LoudnCo been coming thru big time past few for me appreciate the hell outta yall

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    I got my last order in 3 days as well. Got payment confirmation after 5 pm on 11/2, delivered 11/5 12:45pm. Amazing!

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