Confirmation Emails

Anyone else not receiving these? Just tried to place order using 2 separate emails and no confirmation to either. Thx



  • I ordered earlier and had the same issue. Bitcoin went through and everything but no confirmation emails. I’m waiting to hear back from medboy on this.

  • I see I’m not the only one wondering. Following.

  • Me too I have bitcoin confirmation but not the payment received from medboy

  • I tried to contact medboy, at the email I’ve messaged him numerous times, and it bounced back to me saying there was no such email. Maybe issue on their end.

  • @medboy is it ok to place orders? Feel a lot better getting those order confirmations. Thx

  • I also placed an order this morning, sent my bitcoin, and just now noticed I didn't receive a confirmation email or any emails about it like usual. I was just about to contact them, but since it seems to be a problem not just me I'll wait it out and see if they reply to this

  • good to see I was not the only one who did not get confirmation e-mails. I should be able to stop stressing about it in a few minutes.

  • Seems quite a few in same boat. Anyone had a reply or see a label?

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    That’s what I was wondering too. Strange no response but the thread isn’t that old I guess. I really want to place an order but willing to wait to make sure things are good.

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    Yeah i just placed an order too and no confirmation has me a little nervous. I've been ordering for several years and the only time I ever had an issue was when I didn't receive a confirmation. They made it right but it was still a bummer to be without while I waited

  • Damn, I hope everythings ok...

  • They’ll work it out…they always do…. ”Medicineman always delivers.” In the meantime, I’m with @superman38NC, I’m ok with waiting until I know things are good before ordering. Besides, I’ve got a couple zips of Merlin’s outdoor that should be here Thursday or Friday.😁😎🧐

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    Nice! @TheProfessor ive got a split of Pink Runtz and PBB from Loud almost here from Loud. Let me know how that outdoor is compared to a few months ago.Was wondering if they were diff batches.. (Cherry Pie and Dosi split? Would be my guess for your order 😎)

  • 50% isn’t too bad @superman38NC 😁…Cherry Pie and that Sunset Sherbet (Cake).😎. I still have some Dosi Dosi around though.😉🧐

  • Ordered something yesterday before I saw this thread. Hopefully it will show up on Informed Delivery.

  • Label popped for me. Still no email confirmation but I have a label.

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    I have a label, folks. Never fear. 😘💚

  • I too have a label : )

  • I know thread but just saw Spoon and Interpol!

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    Ok awesome glad the orders are getting labels. That’s a great sign. @MerlinsMagic just placed an order for some Georgia 🥧! Thx for restocking

    @TheProfessor 😎 it was a good guess. I got some Cherry Pie based off your recommendation a while back and ❤️ it.

  • My order just popped up on Informed Delivery. :)

  • I got no email after my order. Guess its glitch. Usually as soon as order u get email to the address on order. ??? Idk wat to do

  • I was waiting on sending the payment to see what's up since I didn't get an email, and since people are seeing labels I figure it should be fine. The order confirmation page used to say you had 96 hours to send payment before the order expired, but now it doesn't have anything about that at all. It's only been about 24 hours since I submitted my order, so it should still be fine right?

  • I got a label Monday but it’s a pre ship label and looks like it hasn’t been sent to usps. I hate when that happens because it’s looks like they’re sitting on orders and I want my bud by the weekend lol

  • @rshigh81 Gotta hate it when that happens. I try to order at least a week in advance to avoid this!! lil longer if it's loud. Lmao. Could always be worse.

  • Sorry all, email server issues. Orders ARE being received and sent out! If you paid, you're good!

  • @medboy I attempted to message you on Monday on the contact page. Were you still getting those messages? Or should I send you another message on contact page?

  • My order last week didn't get email for bout 24hrs later but ended up being one of the quickest to arrive ever it was already on id by time confirmation hit I believe

  • @Abelinc Not sure until I'm able to get what is caught up from before the issue was found. Don't send anything at the moment, it will just bounce back.

  • Email issue has been resolved! Sorry it took so long, tricky little bugger.

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