I started off my day at 4:00a.m. with a couple of bowls of @LoudnCo wonderful super premium mac1 oh what a way to start a day. Just enough to keep me going with the 4 cups of coffee it took to level me out. Now I'm loading my mighty+ with the scrumptious gelato 41. It's ever so sweet when vaped a nice flower follow through that puts me in mind of louds super premium Runtz. Another definite buy again strain. All mentioned flower are fantastic medicines that cover all of my needs, even when micro dose the effects are super strong.


  • I started with Merlins greenhouse Tropicana Cookies. Really nice "sativa" effects with the cookies genes so it's not too much. Great weed!

  • Started my day with some Cereal Milk. Great daytime smoke would love to see it back on the menu.

  • Durban Poison is my go to morning strain. CC"s Green Cush was an excellant morning strain as well but alas they havent returned to the menu. Shame, they had some classic strains. Sativas dont last too long on the board here...

  • Premium Runtz and I feel all purple inside myself. Definitely not a morning strain but I've got nothing to do Today but a teleconference with a doctor .

  • Jack Herer is my sunrise 👍🏼

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    @bluedreamer I really miss CC too. They had a great sativa selection... Would love to order a split of Jack Herer and GSC! Would also love to try their Sour Willie, Green Cush and many others. I did get to try their premium GDP and it was great. They also hooked it up with a few extra gs. Kinda got a little excited with the vacuum sealer tho. Lol. Cannabis Club come back!!!

  • I'd love some Jack Herer in my life right now, or really any cross of Jack. 💚
    It's like one of the only sativas that doesn't give me anxiety.

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    Please come back CC! No one else has the consistent sativas. :( Sour Willie and Green Cush were awesome.

  • @Sixwaychili Not sure about that but we will be having some exciting news coming up. Stay tuned hehehe

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    Great news their concentrates were unmatched. Thanks for the heads up even though I'm way overstocked with flower I'm always up for some traits 🙃. @Mr4Sher I grabbed a oz of GDP right before CC'S departure great medicine. I still have a little over a half left in it's own jar that I pinch out of only on rare occasions.

  • @medboy

    Awww, shoot, I'm gonna be watching like a hawk now! makes hawky noises

    Lol, must excuse me, a friend visited and smoked with me after about 3 wks of an unintended t break. I'm verrrrry baked right now.


  • @MNTDWLER I wish I could have an overstock of flower! I smoke too much, I guess. Can't seem to keep it around lol

    @MigraineWarrior79 I hoard the Herer I've gotten like it's gold. But like I mentioned to Dweller, it's hard not to blow right through it 😆 Glad you got baked. I haven't found anything lately outside the Apples & Bananas that can pierce my 30 yr tolerance. Would love to get wrecked again. Guess I need to take a break and see if I can reset. Easier said than done, though 😜

  • @medboy anxiously awaiting this exciting news! 😄

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