Hello everyone!! We're excited to announce a couple of new changes. First new lower prices for most products! Yay! New prices should be on tomorrow. Also I'd like to introduce Happy Trees, our new shipper. They'll also be online tomorrow and have plenty of name brand products. In other news we've had $4 shipping for a long time and prices have definitely gone up so we are increasing our shipping cost to $10 per order.

We're ready to continue growing so we hope that you tell your friends about us. :-).



  • @medman @medboy thank you guys so much. This means a lot to me cuz I'm not having the easiest time staying medicated and keeping up on the insane inflation. God bless you!

  • 4sher @Mr4sher! It's been getting cheaper to buy so we want to pass on the savings.

  • @medman dude that's awesome. Tell that to any of the greedy corporations out there.

  • @medman & @medboy Thank you so much for lowering prices! Could you change it on the order form please? It's still showing the old prices.

  • New prices look amazing really appreciate it and can't wait to see incorporated into the order form, almost slipped up and ordered at previous higher prices but caught it and held off for time being till see what's going on with that situation

  • I have a site tech looking into why the form isn't updating. Sorry about the delay!

  • @medman Thanks for everything !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @medboy @medman @LoudnCo @MerlinsMagic thank you ALL for everything. And on top of it all, u LOWERED prices!! Thank you. That is absolutely amazing. N the shipping being $10 is still very fair. Medman always delivers. Lifetime appreciative customer. I can't put into words just how special this all is. This company is wat all companies shud be like. Streamlined is an understatement. 👍🙂🌲🌬

  • @medman @medboy Y'all have a really good thing going here, hopefully you guys get the chance to toast your success during the holidays. Looking forward to working for you guys in the future, the more the merrier, IMHO.

    Really wish this business model didn't have to be on the DL, a retrospective in 2023 would be the so cool, especially if you guys started shipping in 2013.

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    Agree 💯 @Lou_lew the new prices are definitely appreciated! @medboy FYI i also noticed Happy Tree’s vape carts aren’t showing on the menu either.

  • Sweet! Thanks for taking into account the economy 👍🏼 Much appreciated!

  • @superman38NC Yes, website issue that's been resolved.

  • Hoping mine went thru, never did email confirmations and can't tell if were 2 transactions but does say withdrawal complete🤷‍♂️

  • @Vapedad78 You're all set!

  • @medboy thanks muchly I had buy extra email storage but finally seen the emails come thru so fingers crossed for this week with friggin holiday I totally forgot bout that till just now🤦‍♂️🤣 appreciate yall and yall tryna stay on top everything so happy early turkey day in case I forgot ashen lol

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    Thx @medboy @HappyTrees verdant resin carts aren’t showing on the order form. They sound 🔥

  • @superman38NC Thanks for the heads up! Will look into it.

  • @medboy those carts that @superman38NC are still not showing on order form, just an FYI. They def look good. Excited to see all the new offerings from @HappyTrees !😎

  • I dont really get it I bought Gelato Mints when they were $255 an OZ and then the price went down to $180 an OZ and now they are $210 an oz. I just dont get it anymore

  • @BMan We lowered our prices right before the black Friday sale, as we now get better prices so we want to pass on the lower prices to our customers.
    As for the $180 to $210 price change, we were working on landing on one price that would be good for all the shippers, so it changed.

    If anyone ordered while the price was lowered, no worries, we will honor the price that was on the order form at the time you submitted the order.

  • @posternugbag They should be on there now!

  • @Bertman6753

    I believe the $4 was a typo; I always paid $5 shipping prior to the change.

  • Lower yet higher.... Wait, wut?

  • @medboy do you think enough time has passed to continue ordering?

  • @907ak420 I emailed you.

  • I just noticed since I placed my last order to @MerlunsMagic the light asset greenhouse Iordered went up 15 dollars per ounce.. Is this a mistake?

  • Doubt was nice while it lasted though.

  • Mushrooms went up in price too

  • @Thinktank9000 @MikeyC No changes were made, and I see the correct pricing on the order form.

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    That's just a few.

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