Lengthy delivery 📦

I ordered from loud 11/18 and so far all I have is a pre shipment label it has never taken this long to at least see a delivery date actually I usually get my order from them within 5 days is anyone else experiencing this ?


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    Contact @medboy through the order page after 14 days.


  • Its that time of year again. The postal service is going to get slower and overloaded with holiday packages. Shipping times will get longer. Plan for this and order sooner. I stocked up to get me through the busy shipping season. You will get you package. In 7 years and 100s of orders I've only had 1 package lost in the mail, and it was re-delivered.

  • Ok thanks that’s what I thought my problem is I can’t afford to buy much at a time so I have to nurse what I have between delivery or I just go without

  • They dont show up on ID anymore usually you’ll just get a label and then the next day it will say accepted and then in 3 days it’ll suddenly say its out for delivery. Its weird, but thats how they have been lately

  • @Beach57 Shoot me an email so I can double check for you. Please send an email directly to medboy@medicinemansdispensary.com, don't use the email prompt on the site because we are having technical issues with the prompt.

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    @medboy it showed on informed delivery this morning that it’s out for delivery I guess it didn’t get scanned or something but thank you for the response

  • @Beach57 I also ordered on the 18th and I got mine today, the 28th. East coast.

  • @coldstone Mine came today but the mail lady did not leave it in the box luckily I was out side and had to catch up to her to get package before it went back to post office 🏤😀

  • My last order was on Tuesday night I had it in my mailbox thursday. CA to Chicago. Fastest shipment ever

  • I have a feeling the Black Friday sales won't ship until December lol Ordered on Friday, it's Tuesday and not a label in sight. Of course, the Med Crew don't work on weekends, and the mail doesn't flow on Sundays. So all of that combined and I don't see getting my order within seven days. I suspect it will be Monday or Tuesday. But fingers crossed!

  • Same here. Early Friday order label pop last night.

  • Ordered Black Friday as well but no label yet.

  • Requested slightly before midnight on Thanksgiving just after coupon posted and labeled are beginning to show

  • Dealing with the same delay. Ordered early Friday morning from Merlin but still no label. Kinda shocked cause Merlin is usually super fast. I'm sure they're slammed with orders though. Hope everyone else's shows up soon!

  • I'd be surprised if didn't pop up between today and tomorrow cause stuff just prior to midnight showing labeled since late yesterday

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    @Vapedad78 @Trippy And I ordered mine around 6pm that night so yeah I suspect it will be filled in chronological order 👍🏼

  • A lot of orders haven't been showing up on informed delivery lately. They are still delivered, but for some reason just don't show up on I.D.

  • Thanks for the update @medboy!

  • Was hoping was a chance of seeing the happy tree lime drops today but fingers crossed for following day, ran outta edibles/gummies and looking forward to checking these out along with the Hershel walker pie(bad joke) and PBS seemed to be really good reviews on both

  • Fingers crossed for everyone they're on their holiday bs looks skipping scans or possibly getting backed up but either way ID doing its usual Dec duh which way do I go , team here is on their game tho

  • Ordered early Friday morning ET. ID didn’t pop up until Tuesday and originally said delivery Friday, but now says delivery today! I’m hopeful that it comes today and we got the split we ordered!

  • Packages were delivered just after noon. Two packages confused me a little, but it looks like Merlin is being less aggressive on the vacuum packing. Everything is still triple bagged and in Mylar, but the buds don’t appear crushed at all. Best of all, we got our two zip split of Biscotti Mintz and Apple Mintz. I’ll post a little review after sampling later today. Thanks Medicineman!😎🧐

  • Was wondering why 2 mmm packs were showing on the app. Apple Mintz and Slurty coming tomorrow, a day ahead. USPS is rocking it so far this season.

  • Mine showed delivering Dec 3rd all week. Sometimes it will reset and show up the day before. But I checked this morning and it still shows tomorrow. And since my mail doesn't arrive until 5pm every day...sigh. Lol Impatience. I want a a stony Friday!

  • drops dropped today but rest including requested splits be tomorrow earliest but least is something and coming in decent pace I'll definitely take a week turnaround after previous holiday orders just prayers the other 2 hit tomorrow got experiments to do in the name of science😜 I'm with ya @OzBaxter 🥴🤣

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    Mine was sent first class. No complaints. It came as fast as I expect. Black Friday n today is Friday. Showed Monday at first on Wednesday wen pack was received. Then updated to today. It was a small order. But much appreciation @MerlinsMagic I can vouch for the GCC (gulf coast clear) are legit n great. Thanks for price drop. The sale is nice but I appreciate the passing of lower prices. That is awesome on all companies in MM fam. Prices are appreciated very much considering its often better than dispensary. Hope everyone else gets there stuff soon if not already. Happy 🌬🌲

  • Still waiting on my order. Showed it finally left CA yesterday and hasn't been updated since. Says it'll be here tomorrow but I won't hold my breath with the way usps has been lately.

  • Someone else musta snagged last of the peanut butter souffle or wasn't nuff to fill by time I requested , only tried small taste of slurrity and grease monkey but feeling pretty damn straight for no more total puffs taken , did at least finally get some gp but waiting till later and clear reset before testing it and the substitute mean is in the name of science after all and will report back at later time when capable if capable😳😜🤣 and thanks @medman @medman @MerlinsMagic and @HappyTrees definitely appreciate the quality items at a bargain can't wait to fully dive in when get the opportunity twas the blackest of Fridays in a great way happy holidays forum dwellers

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