Grape gas and lemon meringue

Saw some people asking so here’s my review. I’ll try to add pictures later.

Grape gas very frosty medium density buds. Has a gassy stinky grape smell and flavor. Leaves a ton of kief when ground up. Would be a great strain to make hash from. Definitely just as good as indoor if not up there with the premiums.

Lemon meringue medium density buds smell and flavor is kind like Dutch treat or northern lights. Nice sativa like buzz. Just as good as indoor but slightly less potent than the grape gas.


  • Awesome review! Thank you!

  • @00712in

    I appreciate your review! Thank you! 😊💚💨

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    @00712in I've found that the classifications like, Outdoor, Greenhouse, Indoor and Premium have nothing to do with potency and more to do with bag appeal. The premiums and ultra premiums look better but aren't more potent. Hell, in my opinion Outdoor is better cuz the sun brings out terps and flavors that artificial lighting cannot. But there's definitely way more stems in Outdoor. Premiums cost more to grow so they cost more to buy. This is just my opinion buddy but there is some truth to the sun bringing out terps... Research it if you get bored. Super interesting...

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    Got both subbed!! My greenhouse grape gas was subbed for indoor Purple Punch. And my lemon Meringue was subbed for indoor something I can't even read. I'm not happy. I don't like Purple Punch and grape gas was on the menu for DAYS after I purchased and Purple Punch wasn't on the menu then or now.. Why can't they email to ask us to choose something else or just refund and let us pick again? I don't like to pick subs cuz the menu changes so fast. Both my choices were up for awhile after ordering. This is 2 orders in a row I'm not happy about... Haven't tried either sub but I already know Purple Punch is a strain that looks and smells good but effects are lackluster... And the other strain I can't even read the handwriting on it.. They labeled both with the strains I ordered but crossed it out and scribbled in whatever they subbed it with.. Tried PP 3 or 4 different times. My least favorite purp. I'm dissatisfied but life goes on. I haven't emailed medboy because I don't expect a refund or anything. Just dissatisfied. Both orders ive made since the price drop have not been good. They are probably busy af. Hopefully this mystery strain delivers...

  • @OzBaxter

    My favorite science vs God story. 😊


    I'm sorry you were subbed! I hope the mystery strain delivers, & the purple punch turns out to be a banger. 💚

  • @MigraineWarrior79 dude. I'm sorry you didn't get your pack yet. The mystery strain does look fire and it starts with an A but I'm not sure what it is and nothing on the menu looks like it could be it. Idk. The PP is typical. Awesome taste and smell. Effects are just not as good. It's not the worst or best... I would of rather had something else but it is what it is. Hope you get a TD tomorrow buddy.

  • @Mr4Sher if you want what you want, write No Substitutions in the comment section and they will email you if they're out. Lately, I have not been writing it and have been pleasantly surprised twice.

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    @Sixwaychili Yeah it's on me too. Just disappointed that they both got subbed and grape gas was on the menu until 2 days ago. I ordered last Thurs morning. Doesn't make sense. That and it just had to be subbed with PP.. lol. For some reason that strain just doesn't hit me right.. And it wasn't and isn't on the menu so I didn't expect it to even be a possibility...Ah well... Would also like to know what I got subbed for lemon Meringue. It looks like it's apple something. And it's not Apple Mints. The second word starts with a B... I just can't read it. Neither can wife. And it doesn't reflect anything on site... It looks fire tho!

  • @Mr4Sher well I guess there is no more "no subs" policy according to the new announcement. But choosing your own subs is the next best thing I guess.

  • @Mr4Sher Damn that sucks. I definitely understand how frustrating it can be when items stay on the board & you get subbed. And then get something not even on the menu. Loud has done that to me a couple times, but at least the subs were good.
    I'm the same with Purple Punch. My body doesn't vibe with it at all. I hope the mystery sub does your body good.

  • That stinks kwym I'm not a big fan of purple punch either but thankfully none of my choices have been swapped for that since I gave it another try couple months back it was on menu and wished I'd snagged something else. Honestly been pleasantly surprised with subs they swapped me for

  • I'm not one to complain but I ordered a oz split with Tropicana cookies and lemon meringue. The Tropicana cookies was subbed with lemon meringue! Trop cookies stayed on the menu for like a week after I made my order. Bummer but it is what it is

  • @Vapedad78 @ChunksEggo8187 Yeah guys I don't get it. I LOVE purps. But Purple Punch is the exception. Awesome aroma, flavor and look but lackluster effects. Makes no sense to me. GDP is one of the parent strains and its a banger imo. For some reason the PP just don't do it for me.

  • Yeah me neither thought it was an anomaly but last test was a blind study that repeated same results

  • @Mr4Sher
    I wrote a little on the subs thread, but you’ve been a loyal customer for a while and I’d like you to be happy.

    @medboy can you hook him up with an ounce of any of my bud on the next order? (It was from me right?)

    I’ll ask the crew to type or write legibly.

  • @Mr4Sher Email me and mention your Forum username so I know it's you, send me your choice of strain and an address for shipping.

  • @MerlinsMagic @medboy WOW!!! Customer Service that matches your products... Top Notch!!! I'd forgotten about that order. I'm not going to say no to a free zip though!!! This is why I stay loyal to this site. Appreciated guys!!! Always nice to deal with good people and it's becoming rarer and rarer these days. Thank You, Thank You!!!

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