Red Mandarin Happy Trees

TBH, it looked like a long cat turd coming straight out of the box. (As others have already mentioned, less gas on the vac seal. I’d suggest asking either or both of the other mm plugs to send you a zip pack to see how they handle it.)

That’s where the scat analogy ends.

Definitely one of the finest OD cultivars this site has offered imho. While the nugz are not big nor very red as the description says, they are decent in size (judging post-squish)

and insanely pretty with all sorts of shades of purps and greens. The 55/45 Indy split seems spot on, for me a fast sativa blast at the beginning (grabbed one of my pups and took a mile walk), then down to a smoother ride after about 20 mins. Long lasting high, but YMMV.

Flavor is very thick on the tongue, totally coats it with a palpable funk that’s pretty amazing. Smell is kind of sweet and fruity, reminds me of the red runtz from a little ways back. Nugz are sticky too. Be great to see what this batch looks like prior to suffocation 😄

Tweak the shipping prep and y’all have a repeat customer. Nice touch on the two freebie nugz of papaya punch btw, funkin gorgeous!


  • Beautiful! And always, thank you for the review!

  • @funkynugz They are working on their packaging, it will be better going forward!

  • @funkynugz Thanks for the review! We're glad you liked it. We stopped vacuum sealing it up so tightly so it should be good from here out.

  • Does squished bud not get you high?

  • Yeah it's not a huge issue or deal breaker for me but I get like you don't want your bread getting squashed but looks pretty from here I been eyeing the gmo

  • @Vapedad78 definitely not a deal breaker, just an aesthetics thing that can be bypassed without issue. Glad I gave HT a go, looking forward to seeing future offerings!

  • I definitely appreciate the papaya punch nugs sample thrown in haven't opened yet but will see after check out the drops effects first probably later tonight glad you're enjoying @funkynugz

  • edited December 2022

    @TreesPlz it doesn't change the potency, but I find that I waste more of it when it's so compressed. A nice bowl of fluffy bud with lots of air in between, burns so much better and it's easier to get the right size hit. The compressed bud doesn't even grind the same way.

  • @Sixwaychili Yeah watching the nugs get crushed was sad to see lol especially our more beautiful strains like our red. I can understand not wanting compact bud if it can be helped.

  • find that I waste more of it when it's so compressed. A nice bowl of fluffy bud with lots of air in between, burns so much better….


  • Great review, thanks! Recently tried Happy Trees for the first time and was impressed!

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