Our BF Order - Apple Mintz and Biscotti Mintz

We ordered a 2 ounce split of the Indoor Biscotti Mintz and Indoor Apple Mintz from @MerlinsMagic. It didn't show up on ID until Tuesday and originally showed delivery tomorrow, but showed up today...curiously in two packages. I was expecting a single package (as my usual 2 zip split from Medmama/Merlin has come for the past 5 years or so), but two wouldn't fit in my mailbox so my mail carrier left the USPS boxes on the bench next to the door. I was able to see when and where it was delivered and was able to rush home to put it away. All good!👍
Although the two packages threw me off, I'm impressed with the new packaging. To be honest, I've been a solid Medmama/Merlin customer for years primarily because of the excellent packaging and the little USPS boxes that discreetly fit in my mailbox (although I've made plenty of orders from Loud as well as other past vendors). Again, love the new packaging @MerlinsMagic! Each ounce was SEALED in a resealable bag with just a little rigidity, sealed inside a food saver bag that was not over vacuumed, and sealed inside a mylar bag for extra discretion. The buds came through beautifully, with virtually no compression!
Both strains are as advertised (here and elsewhere). The Apple Mintz has a good deal of large and medium buds with a good trim job (some of the smaller nugs were a little shaggy), but the aroma is spot on...sugary, sweet dessert/berry, with a faint hint of mint. I must of had a lax of memory and ground up some Apple Mintz first. First, it's a creeper. Second, when it hits, it hits pretty hard and is really a full body and mind relaxer with real potential for helping with sleep. I should have started with the Biscotti Mintz, as it's energy and focus (along with it's cookie genetics for mental relaxation) brought us back to life for little while. To be honest, I don't know why the Biscotti Mintz didn't make the premium cut. I've got a really nicely trimmed variety of large to smaller buds of green, slight purple hues, amber hair, covered in shiny sticky trichomes! And the best part...$300 for two quality ounces...that's rare in my state! Kudos to your grower and staff @MerlinsMagic! Love the new prices and love a good sale! Thanks @medman and @medboy!😎🧐


  • Been eyeing the Apple Mintz! @TheProfessor

  • Dang lucky my lime drops been saying the 2nd since beginning of week but no updates past couple days and rest saying 3rd but no updates last 2 days on it either besides moving thru system but no location updates, would absolutely love to see it all show tomorrow getting antsy hoping hadn't disappeared but I know will show eventually definitely jealous of your turnaround though @TheProfessor congrats and appreciate the review

  • @MigraineWarrior79 young lady, it’s got sweet aroma, a great taste, and is so mentally and physically relaxing! But like I said, it’s a creeper. We’re on our second bowl and to quote my better half: “I feel like I’m melting into the bed”🥴🤣. Good stuff! Some really good sized buds and upon closer inspection quite a bit more purple in the Apple Mintz than in the Biscotti Mintz! I can’t believe that it’s still $178 an ounce! @Vapedad78 I hope your drops “drop” soon…I’m very interested in your experience as there seems to be some “irregularities” being reported by some forum members.😎🧐

  • Oh dang I just seen the 2 people that seemed to really enjoy so I'll have to scour for the others but also very intrigued and wanting to compare with others I've had

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    Yeah description in menu says 100mg but I did see where they sell 50mg in dispen out that way but that's definitely either misleading at best if stating 100 and sending 50 but that's why I took this opportunity to snag a tin on top my merlin ones to compare and contrast

  • Yeah just double checked menu says 100mg scored so that .1 is a serving

  • Apple mintZ sound great, thanks. My zip packs were delayed today apparently so will hopefully need to wait only another day to test them.

  • That sucks @funkynugz, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I hit the Apple Mintz this morning around 3:00 to get back to sleep. It’s not quite as strong as some of my other strains for sleep, but it’ll be awesome for weekends and chillin at night! It’s definitely got really nice full body effects! Hope you get your packages soon!😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor all good, I put an order thru loud prior to Black Friday that I’m happily working on. I-95 Cookies and Zhitz, both indy 🔥 Do hope Merlin’s drop hits me tomorrow though. Even after years ordering here I still get anxiety waiting on the postman 📪

  • @funkynugz how is the zhits? Came really close to snagging that exact split but went with slurrity grease monkey split waiting on

  • @Vapedad78 Loving the Zhitz 💯 bro, surprised there’s no chatter here about it. Excellent all around indoor. Nice sized chunky, very pretty nugz with a decent nose and flavor. Real Indy background, heavy eyelids for me which is what i was hoping.

    My other split of I-95 Cookies is pretty amazing too. Waiting on Slurty and Apple Mintz here, prolly tomorrow. 5 fresh zips should keep me busy for the holidays ☺️

  • @Vapedad78 The customer who stated they were 50mg was not correct. They are not 50mg. The maker of the product offers 50mg - 200mg tins. Happy Trees has the 100mg tins. I have spoken with that customer and clarified this.

  • @medboy appreciate the clarification sir greatly appreciated knew was scored correctly just MG strength wasn't indicated on tin anywhere I could tell anyways

  • I’m really impressed with both of these! Stuck with the Biscotti Mintz from after work yesterday until bedtime. It’s so mentally relaxing and stoney, yet focused and not sleepy. Really a nice, hard-hitting afternoon/evening strain. I packed a bowl of Apple Mintz when it was time to get some sleep. By the end of the bowl the differences (and similarities) between the two strains were pretty evident as both of us couldn’t keep our eyes open…🥱so…of course I packed another bowl.😉. Finished that (by myself😊) turned over, and was out.😴. I’m really impressed with both, but confirming Apple Mintz use for sleep (at least for us) is a very nice surprise! Great medicine @MerlinsMagic thanks! 😎🧐

  • Good to hear about the Apple being canna-NyQuil. Mine got delayed again to Monday, all good as Monday’s can sometimes be dreary and the delivery will be something to look forward to. USPS is slowing down from the holidays I guess.

  • @funkynugz like the taste and appearance on zhits just underwhelmed or maybe just slightly more on milder side effect wise than I was expecting but definitely decent meds just more of a day time possibly than was looking for

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