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I see merlins magical meds posted a lot of discount product. I don't see anywhere in the description why it's discounted. Could you let us know? Thanks.


  • They got a great deal on this lot and wanted to pass along their savings. That's about it.

  • Hey sorry I meant to add in the description that it’s a bit older but still great quality as the reviews have mentioned

  • I jumped on another zip of the Apple Mintz! I was hoping to see it on the menu again. It simply knocks us out.😴💤. Really an amazing strain for insomnia and an awesome price! Thanks @MerlinsMagic!😎🧐

  • OMG The Mango Diesel was fire it was some of the best outdoor I have had it should have been at least indoor.The smell was just like mangos and it rocked my world

  • Had to try the apple Mintz and split with biscotti mints but looking forward to checking out that am

  • That’s a great split @Vapedad78! I did that back at the end of November and still have at least a 1/4 of each. The Biscotti Mints is a really pleasant afternoon strain. Definitely indica leaning and very relaxing, but leaves me still functional and focused. Can’t focus on sh!t with the Apple Mintz because I’m always asleep!😴💤
    @MigraineWarrior79 the Apple Mintz is some powerful medicine…one of those surprises! 😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor

    I'm definitely interested! 😊

  • Glad yall enjoying and appreciate the info definitely looking forward to checking out appreciate it @TheProfessor

  • The Apple Mintz landed today! Ordered on Friday evening. Lots of large 3g buds. Compared a bud from November with one from today, and I’d swear that they came from the same bag…identical! If it’s from an older batch, I can’t tell! Large, sticky, and aromatic! We’ll see how it smokes later…it’ll have to wait til bedtime though!💤😎🧐. Beautiful medicine, thanks @MerlinsMagic!

  • @TheProfessor SWEET!! I got a zip on the way(hopefully not subbed). I'm pretty stoked. Missed out on it last time but yalls reviews and pics had my mouth watering. Should have touchdown tomorrow or Sat...

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