Loud's Lemon Thai (Sativa)

@LoudnCo @medboy - Loud's premium strains are well worth the longer shipping times. Felt fortunate to receive Loud's Lemon Thai strain that was briefly available after the Thanksgiving sale. Would rate this landrace sativa strain at 9/10 stars. Looks, taste, and effects were all exceptional. This batch was a cross between Chocolate Thai and Hawaiian and produced a strong and racy three hour high with .5 grams. Interestingly, the high was very different than straight Hawaiian sativa strains. This particular batch produced a very strong psychedelic Thai sativa high - no munchies and not sedative nor speedy. Have not had a strain with the unique and memorable psychedelic Thai sativa high for over 40 years!!! My compliments to the growers - would order repeatedly if it becomes available again. Loud, thank you again for obtaining this rare craft sativa strain.


  • Agreed! I got some as well and it was 🔥

  • Me too thought it was exceptional👍

  • Yes it went fast first time around, second time it was gone even faster.

  • I'd like to know what 10 stars would do on your rating scale.

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    It gets a ten if it gives you head.

  • Upon smoking I won the lottery... And I didn't even buy a ticket

  • Would love to see more of this sativa , deff what you won't if your a sativa lover . Very good 👍

  • @LoudnCo After several flower sessions inhaling at least 1 gram of flower, Loud's Lemon Thai strain has no ceiling and its unique and potent Thai and Hawaiian sativa high lasts for hours. One of the best sativa strains ever offered by Loud. Raising my rating to 10/10 - My compliments to the grower. Hopefully, Loud can get more strains from this grower in 2023. Trying to save a couple grams for Summer 2023!

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    I'm going to be on the lookout for the Lemon Thai. Really intrigued by Merlin's greenhouse Full Moon right now.

    Description for if/when it disappears:

    Full Moon is a rare 100% pure sativa strain that is a native landrace from the Thai island of Koh Phanagan. This bud gets its name from the monthly Full Moon Party held on Haad Rin Beach on the island, paying tribute to its culture and traditions.

    Leafly says it is a trippy, visually stimulating high.

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    I talked myself into buying a z of the Full Moon even though I have no business buying more flower right now. :smiley:

    One of the reviews on Leafly says Full Moon is the original Thai Stick. Not sure if true, but still, this one sounds way different than anything I've had in a long time, if it's not that mysterious Thai Stick that I had once or twice 30+ years ago.

  • @Sixwaychili This one intrigues me as well. I usually shy away from sativas but I'm this one sounds like it deserves a chance. Let us know...

  • Will do @Mr4Sher ! I'm very excited to get this one.

  • The lemon thai has an exciting unique high because of its thai and hawaiian genetics - very trippy and very visual. Fire in every way -long lasting high. Also ordered Merlin's Full Moon. Fastest delivery time ever - four days !! The full moon is thai genetics only and it is a racy sativa with a high similar to the original thai stick. Very visual but not speedy or sedative. It's a great strain in its own right; very different than the hybridized strain highs typically available on the board. Very good smell, taste, and effects. Of the two thai strains, liked the lemon thai best - the Hawaiian strain adds a unique depth to the high and the taste. More racy and more cerebral. Close to a psychedelic when smoking one gram plus. So the board has had two quality Thai strains! This is the first time Thai strains have been available on the board. Thank you Loud and Merlin for obtaining these craft sativas.

  • Full Moon is one of my favorite strains yet. Shame it's gone already. Got a full ounce, but it probably won't last long with how much I'm smoking of it! Wish I could have tried the lemon thai to compare.

    I haven't really gotten anything visual from it, but music sounds freaking amazing and it just gets better the more I smoke.

  • Loud's Lemon Thai strain has proven to be one of the best sativa strains ever offered on this website. It is exceptional in every way. It has a long lasting Sativa high that reflects its Thai and Hawaiian parents At the one gram + level, it has an overwhelming trippy psychedelic high that will please even the most experienced stoner. I am "trying" to save a large 1.5 gram bud for special occasions. I also obtained a half ounce of Merlin's excellent "Full Moon" strain. It is also an an exceptional landrace sativa strain. During the 1970's, I had the pleasure of smoking genuine Thai sticks dozens of times. The full moon strain high has characteristics similar to the chocolate thai stick I smoked so many years ago. Have not had a similar strain in decades!! It has a unique long lasting trippy high that is neither sedative nor speedy. It encourages extreme focus on any activity including shopping and work. Although I prefer the Lemon Thai high, the full moon strain offers an extremely euphoric and satisfying sativa high. Both of the Thai strains have NO ceiling and are a psychedelic at the one gram plus level. Even though I like extremely potent sativas, I should warn inexperienced users to use smaller amounts until you are used to its "old school" sativa high. Would purchase both of these strains regularly even if they were premium or ultra premium in cost. Even back in the 1970's , Thai sticks were rare and expensive costing $100 a 1/4 ounce!!! IMO worth every cent- memorable strains with unique lost lasting highs.

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