Best vapes out right now

What are the best vapes out right now on the menu? Preferably from Merlins. I don’t have any empties to do refills like I love to usually do! So what do y’all think of the live resin and the other carts available??


  • I'd like to see more disposable vapes

  • There are like no choices :( Im hoping @HappyTrees adds some indica

  • @TreesPlz and @KannaMannnn i know!! 😭 have y’all had good experiences with Happy? I’m usually a pretty loyal Merlin’s girl but I’d love to see what they offer! Just don’t want to be disappointed!

  • @KannaMannnn We're getting some more disposables today actually. We're hoping we'll be able to get an indica and a sativa strain this time.

  • @HappyTrees when do you think you'll have them up on the order form?

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    @TreesPlz Not sure, a couple of days at the most though I'd think.

  • So, for this round of vapes we have Blue Dream that is our sativa strain, which is up now. We also have Wedding Cake which is an indica-leaning hybrid. That will probably be up by Tuesday-ish. We couldn't get many 1g vapes this time around so I expect those will probably be out rather fast. Also, for anyone buying our vapes the colors of the box/vape might vary from the picture on the site. I know a few customers were taken aback that the color might not have matched the photo, it's still the same strain and everything just slightly different packaging. We'll get the description updated to mention this so people know when they buy it.

    Anyways we hope you guys like 'em!

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