CEREAL MILK/ cereal milk

I just wanted to double check about merlin premium cereal milk smalls and if they're supposed to be the same price as the regular premium cereal milk? Thought that occasionally the smaller version of a particular strain would go for a discounted price compared to larger size but could be wrong


  • I wondered the same thing. Also the crumble concentrate is cheaper than the Sugar wax when you buy 2g but cost more than the sugar wax if you buy 4g???? Doesn't make sense but I'm sure it's some kind of mistake...

  • @Vapedad78 Thanks for bringing it to my attention! It's fixed.
    Also, looking into the concentrate pricing.

  • @medboy appreciate ya checking and rectifying that so ended up taking advantage, I did ask if can split half indoor since same ticket and #s but specified what ever is easiest on them ultimately. Good looking out and yall rock

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