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  • Well definitely steered from usual this month , waiting on syrup which I'm excited to try but also gonna try the crispy and a sativa chocolate and finally put in for a split of indoor so really hoping that gets honored cause I love me some garlic cookies but also want to try the pudding

  • They honored my split of pudding and Gary payton- enjoying both- hopefully the gas they just put up is good

  • That's really to hear @MikeyC good looking out

  • @OzBaxter @Vapedad78 Put in an order for the Slurp Juice myself after reading your reviews. Also an eight of Honey Bucket. I usually don't order eighths but my collection is getting out of control now that I've been vaping! Definitely needing more mason jars... Its like 1/4 lasts me as long as a zip used to... Also wanted at least 1 chance at the raffle. Lol.

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    Was hoping I might see something today but thankfully tried stay head of things this time do will definitely make it thru weekend if doesn't hit tomorrow but would make for a more exciting weekend for sure lol @Mr4Sher what flavor you get and I just wasn't sure if could choose hybrid or leaning more of way but I did request sativa chocolate just to change things up since usually always go indie

  • @OzBaxter @Vapedad78 @Mr4Sher I’m def ordering some slurp after reading your reviews. I was looking at strains but I’m still kinda new here and it’s hard deciding with the quality and variety available. Gary Payton and Pink Runtz have been my faves.

  • @Vapedad78 I haven't gotten it yet but I think Tropical Punch is what I ordered...

  • Thank you MedBoy an the team !! Received the Oz pineapple outdoor in substitute for the magic melon outdoor . I’m very happy , this is very thick smoke diesely pineapple!! Not harsh at all !
    Immediately uplifted , pain relief center back of neck . Everyone is different but indoors has nothing on outdoor done right . Outdoors always lasts longer than indoor hps/mh (for me). Thank you HAPPY TREES, alll the goodies rolling papers !” joint ! “sick decal !l”Thank you.
    MEDBOY always delivers just don’t mess up “real” bad on order form LOL!
    Couldn’t figure out the photo attachment

  • @Haulover Thanks for the love! Enjoy!

  • Wow. Got my order for Slurp syrup and an eight of Honey Bucket today!!! Again WOW!!! @HappyTrees threw in a pack of RAW papers, a pre roll and at least an eight of Ripple FREE!!! Oh and a sticker... Haven't tried any if it yet but will shortly... Thank you @HappyTrees!!!!

  • @Mr4Sher Nice!! @HappyTrees are a generous bunch. 👍🏼

  • @Mr4Sher Nice! That's awesome! Let us know how that Ripple is 😀

  • @Mr4Sher @ChunksEggo8187

    Ripple is awesome! My last order from Happy Trees they sent me free Ripple & Ethos Apex.
    Both were amazing strains! 💚

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Yeah i have a jar of Ethos Apex... its some funky ass bud! But yeah they're hooking up the freebies..

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Nice! Thank you for letting me know it's good stuff!

  • @ChunksEggo8187 Had a couple bowls of Ripple out of my dynavap. It's a very nice high. Hard to be a fair judge cuz I sampled the Slurp juice earlier.

  • @Mr4Sher I appreciate it! By the way, how's the slurp juice? Never really thought about it until I saw it on the menu. I've had some blah experiences with edibles, is this the same type of high? Or does it feel different?

  • @ChunksEggo8187 Feels pretty much like all edibles IMHO. I only took 1 tsp so I wasn't expecting to be blasted but I've had a nice consistent buzz from it all day since this morning. Of coarse with a few bowls vaped here and there. Just tried the Honey Bucket and it's really good too. Maybe better than the Ripple. I'll try em both again tomorrow.

  • @Mr4Sher appreciate it! Thank you!

  • I just put in an order and forgot what it is but I'm trying outdoors and fungi. Will update when it arrives

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    The 2G Portland Heights Blunts - Super Silver Haze is very good.

    I am not a blunt smoker, normally, but I got me a couple of these and they are worthy.

  • Got a little Blue City Diesel today with a bottle of Slurp. Was my 2nd bottle. It's good shit!!! But that Blue City Diesel is nice. It smells almost identical to Louds Outdoor Blueberry he had up shortly a week or so back. Well, I think it does. Strong blueberry aroma. Especially after grinded. It has a Diesel flavor to it along with the blueberry. Good indica. Strong high. Highly recommend!

  • Let me know how the bcd is. Hopefully mine arrives after it leaves the twilight zone

  • @Mr4Sher hows the vaping going? What made you switch? I have been vaping since 2015-16. My first vape was a $40 Hebe vape. A month ago I cleaned out the upper cupboards, found my old snowman bong. Dusted it off, filled it with some toke tonic out of the freezer and one hit later it was tossed in the donate pile. Didnt realize how spoiled I've become. The taste of the flower has become part of the experience, tasting the terpines 😃

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    @TabulaRaza I love it. Like a lot. I'd been looking at dry herb vapes cuz, it smells less inside, it's healthier, you can cook with your AVB and get more out of it. And the biggest. I went from 2-5 grams a day to under a gram... Love my dynavap m series. Best investment I've made in years. It's like I keep ordering new strains cuz I want to try them but never run out of my old ones. Got like 18 different strains(not counting, dabs, edibles, and prerolls). The miniscule amount of flower to takes when vaping is amazing. Then you got AVB to make edibles. Dynavaps are not pricey worth the cost and figuring out the minor learning curve...

  • Has anyone that got ethos first time round gotten it this time? Just curious on thoughts. Quickness was ridiculously fast at 2 or 3 tops I think and bonus freebies always appreciated

  • Shout out to @HappyTrees think first requested Thur and had in hand by Monday which is new fastest turnaround and didn't even have to ever email medboy and still had reship of some very nice quality kush mint show up in just a few days to make up for difference in change teir listing for one of the splits, seriously top notch customer service and both the runtz and kush mints are both very nice effects and visually appealing, still planning on trying a better batch of ethos when one shows up but very content with how things were handled and expedited, thank you very much

  • Hey @HappyTrees! Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent green!!
    Kush Mints smells & taste great! The high is on point. Great 50/50 stuff for me!
    I was subbed Chernobyl & damn! Funky citrus, earthy & made my nose tinge. Sativa dominant. Absolutely great stuff, so thank you!!
    And I appreciate the generous sample of Gelato Cake!

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