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  • @HappyTrees Hey THANK YOU! Very kind. I look forward to getting it 👍🏼

  • Hbd ozb.

    Also @HappyTrees how long until more indoor? I have money coming in soon for it =)

  • @OzBaxter Happy birthday!!!

  • @MikeyC I thinking they'll be on the site Monday/Tuesday

  • @Mr4Sher @MikeyC Thanks guys! 👍🏼

  • Hey guys , I put order in on 21st for the outdoor magic melon , sativa. Looking forward to delivery, I’ll leave feedback soon as i receive it . Thanks

  • Hey guys just touching base on the happy tree delivery, outdoor magic melon . Ordered February 21st , wasn’t excepted till march 1st. Finally moving it’s way to south Florida. Still waiting patiently .
    Cannibis club was for sure the fastest delivery to South Florida ..Sucks they left MEDMAN …
    Merlin meds I’d have to say now that CC is gone , Merlin is the fastest to S. Florida . Loud is the slowest to Florida .

  • Actually the order from happy trees … it’s not even in the system yet , happy trees / outdoor magic melon , sativa, order placed 2/21/23 . To s.Florida

  • @Haulover Shoot MB an email so we can figure out which order is yours.

  • omg!!! ordered 8 am yesterday from happy trees and dam it will be here tomorrow all the way To Nc in 2 days love it!!!!

  • @Haulover Just pulled your order and sent it over for tracking, i'll shoot you an email when I hear back!

  • Turns out delivery address I wrote was missing few letters , my package was returned to sender on the 27.. Huge mistake on my part ..I’ll have a review on the outdoor magic melon from happy trees soon as I get it . Double check the orde form !!

  • @HappyTrees the GMO is excellent! A little crispy but a boveda will fix that right up. Or if that's your preference, perfect for rolling something.
    Nice dank aroma & flavor! Euphoric but such a great body high. After the 2nd joint, I passed out. So great stuff!
    Thank you again!!

  • Med man I emailed you about the package ordered 2/21/23 , incomplete address .
    That was returned to sender on 2/27/23. I emailed complete address to you . Will you guys send it back out , how’s a situation like this one handled ?

  • @OzBaxter have you tried the slurp syrup yet was bout to snag some but wasn't sure

  • Well said f it and snagged a syrup anyways just to check it out

  • @Haulover email him instead of reaching out on here. He will definitely see it much sooner. If you already have, be patient buddy. They will answer you.

  • @Vapedad78 I love the syrup. It's good to mix with a Sprite and sip on it like it's a rum-and-coke, except instead of drunk, your eyes just get squintier and you get higher LOL I don't think it will knock you down stupid high, but it's a great social tool when you can't burn or vape. Great for watching a football game or listening to your favorite podcasts while lounging in the sun (or maybe that is just me?) 👍🏼

  • haulover they do not reship the same package they will have to send a new one but that would be up to medboy because it was not a medman or usps issue
    good luck medman always delivers!!!

  • Cmweens1964

    Thank you

  • @OzBaxter sounds right up my alley how much average dose do you add to your drink wondering how many servings , either way requested some blue raspberry and definitely looking forward to trying out couldn't really tell tincture someone else had really hit other day when tried from anther dispen

  • @Vapedad78 I got the Tropical Punch and usually a teaspoon and a half with a Sprite gets me where I'm going. My suggestion, not knowing your tolerance, would be start with about a teaspoon and then after 30 minutes if you're not feeling it, drop in another half. I've only had two drinks with the syrup so far. I feel it should probably give me at least three or four more before I'm out. Let me know how the blueberry goes 👍🏼

  • Awesome yeah I was surprised how portent the drops were just a sliver that's supposed to be 10mg gets me feeling pretty decent almost as strong as the 25mg fruit squares so tea spoon probably be a good place, appreciate the input @OzBaxter and will lecha know

  • edited March 2023

    $10 per Sprite drink cocktail @OzBaxter ?

  • @Haulover I have replied. Always only send 1 email, we will get to it.

  • edited March 2023

    @HappyTrees Man that indoor Half Pint I got from yall a few weeks back has become one of my favorite jars. Doesn't completely knock me out or make my mind race at all. Very euphoric high. If it comes back up I highly recommend it!

  • @TreesPlz Depends on your tolerance, my guy. For me who has been imbibing since the early 90's, a tablespoon and a half. Worth it, since it's not my daily pull. That's why I have vapes and green for the rest of the time. But when I can't socially light or inhale? It's more than worth the money. Better than gummies which, imo, doesn't do the work for the money.

  • Definitely

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