Happy Tree strains

Anyone have a take on Apple Fritter or Ethos Apex. Looks interesting.



  • Haven't tried those but I been ordering from them regularly since they joined and everything I've gotten was superb. Fast shipping times too.

  • Got those 2 hopefully arriving today, will add some thoughts once it does.

  • Those two come today for me as well with some Cherry Sherbet along for the ride. Observations to follow. I've had Apple Fritter before from another source and it was sticky and good. Hits hard but no couch lock. Nice mellow feeling without getting knocked out. I hope this version is similar.

  • First impressions: these are both some very fine nugz, nice and fresh, no boveda necessary, very well cured- tbh the Apex is fucking as close to perfect cure as you can probably get imho.

    So with that said I’ll start with the Apex. Nice amount of sticky to it. Appearance is attractive, but pretty standard looking indica nugz. Decent sized buds with great moisture levels overfill my mason. Smell smacks you in the face, totally dank chemmy, sweet citrus, PVC vinyl, armpit funk, pine, gassy. Crazy-coats the tongue with grease, flavor profile similar to the nose with diesel and pine dominating. Smooth smoking, though I won’t say much on either about the buzz since cultivars hit everybody differently, but this unit of Apex certainly seems to be almost 100% indica. I’m going to really like this one for bedtime.

    (Getting something accurate down for the Apple Fritter may be challenging. The Apex has me looped 😄) Second look, I’m going to toss a boveda into the jar after all. A bit drier, denser composition so it should do the trick. Nugz look similar to the Apex, so hoping the even hybrid split learns slightly to the indica side. Lots of medium sized Xmas trees. Probably a gorgeous plant just before the chop. Nose is more subtle on this one. I had trouble picking out the Apple terp in one of Merlin’s recent Apple offerings so YMMV. Flavor is similar to that strain too, a little ammonia in the nostrils on exhale so I’ll keep this one boveda’d in the jar for a while and come back to it.

    Apex is a solid choice. It’s a keeper 👍🏼👍🏼 Not to say the AF isn’t though. Also got at 1g pre-roll of Rude Boi, one of my favorites from years ago tyvm. And well that pyramid sticker sealed the deal. Only comment to @HappyTrees is I’m unsure if the choice of using an actual national retailer for your cover return addy is wise. Considering who it was, might tempt one of our younger postal friends to think it’s worth grabbing j/s.

  • What @funkynugz said is right on. Ethos Apex is very good. Pretty buds with one of a kind nose. Hard to describe. Kinda crept up on me after about 5 minutes and two small bowls. Still feel I can accomplish tasks at the moment but can tell if I do anymore I wont be accomplishing much save getting something to eat and watching TV. Will try Cherry Sherbet later tonight. Ditto again on what @funkynugz said on the choice of sender of package. Should be less conspicuous. Thanks HTs love the sticker included in the package not to mention the 1g Rude Boi jay. You guys are a great addition to the family.

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    @funkynugz For sure, we'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the review also, I think out of the two I like the Ethos the most too. Glad you liked the sticker, happy smoking my friend! :smiley:

  • Thanks people....I'm convinced. Order's away.

  • I just got my Gelato order and a gram of rude boi that I already lit up with my mom and really enjoyed! Thank you!!! Will post pics today!

  • Yeah if you love Indy like I love Indy, def go for the Apex 🔥

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    Gelato from Happy Trees!

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    @StarLizzyG Im curious how that outdoor gelato is from @HappyTrees? I have had several types of gelatos from other shippers and all were good. Just asking how the gelato is? Thanks. Have great day! Happy 🌬🌲

  • Don’t need it but grabbed another zip of that Apex. Have only reupped a very few times during my years here (Jager 3x). This shit is 🧨 Going to leave it vac sealed for a rainy day.

  • Why vac seal instead of a jar and boveda 62?

  • Too tempting to open 😄 HT is double vaccing his drops, figure that will keep it just fine til I’m ready; and out of the bag this batch really doesn’t need boveda treatment atm.

  • French Macaron from @HappyTrees is amazing. Nice sticky buds with a sour citrus herbal dank aroma. Taste amazing as well.
    The high is just as impressive. Uplifting & a straight up mood changer. Can't believe this is at greenhouse pricing too considering how potent this is. So if this is your type of stuff, grab some immediately.

    Cherry Sherbet is also very nice. It knocked me the f out so that's all I can say for now. 🤣
    Thank you @HappyTrees for the 1 gr joint of Rude Boi! Everything was excellent!

  • I’m praying they get another batch of Super Silver Haze, my daily morning treat, cuz the batch I got at Xmas was premium quality and perfectly cured. Truly amazing shit!

  • Just put in an order for some of this Ethos and the Half Pint. I don't need it either but figured I'd better jump on the Ethos while I still can...

  • @Lou_lew pretty good, it doesn’t leave me couch locked which I like and I definitely feel happy and tingly lol

  • Half Pint is a good strain. Reminds me alot of Runtz which is one of the parent strains. Fruity, creamy aroma/flavor and medium sized dense nugs. Kinda dry but a boveda will fix it. The buzz is a nice hybrid. Feel chatty, happy hungry and relaxed but not sedated... All around good bud. Gonna try the Ethos Apex tonight and it looks/smells FIRE!!!

  • Ethos Apex is another winner. Amazing funky, pungent aroma! A little dry imo but again boveda will fix it. Idk if I like Half Pint better or not they're both fire!

  • My 50th birthday is next Tuesday (21st) so I just ordered some Syrup, couple of krispy treats, and a little DJ Gold from @HappyTrees , fingers crossed that their normal speedy delivery will happen (as Monday is a holiday). Either way looking forward to trying that syrup. Haven't had anything like that in years! 👍🏼

  • Ordered Monday, no label on Wed. Guess it will be slim pickings for next Tuesday. With Monday being a holiday, I don't see how it can get here before late Tuesday evening. Fingers-crossed for USPS speedy delivery

  • @OzBaxter I've noticed lately with some orders that USPS accepts the package but then takes another 4-6 days for an update. I've had a handful of tracking requests this week that we considered lost but then it will just randomly update.

  • @medboy Right on, man. I hope that is the case. I am sure it will get here one way or the other 👍🏼

  • Well it is now showing "Pre-Shipment" label. Three days from order to pre-shipment. So I guess betting on the fastest horse failed me this time... 😂

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    @OzBaxter 🤞🏻hope it's arrives for you..Happy early 50th!! Awesome milestone 🙌🏻

  • Thanks @superman38NC !! I'm glad to have made it this far. Here's to the next 50 😂👍🏼

  • @OzBaxter Happy B-day! We threw in a few extras for you! Hope it comes in time

  • First order with Happy Trees. Hoping to try both the French M and Ice P (split). Looking forward to it 😁!

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