I received my package but it isn’t what I ordered.

I placed a order with LoudnCo and it shipped out quickly. It arrived yesterday and I opened it to discover that it wasn’t even close to what I had ordered. I contacted MB yesterday to make them aware of what happened, I am waiting to hear back from them on when they will ship out the correct order that I paid for. Has anyone else had this problem? Has anyone received anything from LoudnCo this week that is not what you ordered? Or is it just me?


  • Happened to me about a year ago... Medman will make it right if it's their fault..

  • Was it a substitution, or just completely outta the vein of what you ordered?
    I've had mishaps over the years, and they were made right. Like my pal @Mr4Sher said, @medman will correct it if it's their fault. 💚😊

  • They make it right always

  • Had it happen to me. MedMan made it right.

  • It was probably someone else's order. It happened to me about a year ago, but it was more than I ordered so I was just happy to try some new stuff I wouldn't have ordered myself and didn't bother asking for a re-ship. I did let them know I got someone else's order though.

  • This doesn't happen often but sometimes mistakes are made. As I said in my email it was just a mix up between 2 orders. Enjoy the free product, your correct order will be on its way shortly!

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