How is the current quality?

Can anyone advise is the current quality is as it was three to four years ago? I've read the feedback with dismay as the reviews are discerning. I keep reading about dry nugs and to e pictures visibly and clearly depict GMO seeds which are not worth the waste of time. So. Asking can anyone clarify of the natural look, strong smell and taste and sticky nugs ?


  • Where do you keep reading about dry nugs? There's a cure for that you know. Been here for 8 years I think, lost count. and there will always be wankers who complain about anything they can no matter what. There's plenty of GOOD to EXCELLENT feedback regarding the quality. GMO? are you talking about Garlic Cookie strain?

  • Every post I've read has mentioned dry nugs, point being, especially when speaking of turnover there shouldn't be any dry nugs, let alone a remedy for such. Fresh Is fresh referencing GMo, in recent years there has been an influx of subpar seeds in an effort to alter the product or yield. That is why I specifically asked about taste and smell, density would also be a factor as well as color and texture, sticky. Recent reviews seem to be from users inaccurately or inappropriately describing factors unrelated to true characteristics, again why I posted the direct questions that I have.

  • "Every post I've read has mentioned dry nugs"

    "Recent reviews seem to be from users inaccurately or inappropriately describing factors unrelated to true characteristics"

    Which is it?

  • I’ve never gotten dry nugs in the past couple years I’ve ordered from here. I think the quality is overall fantastic.

  • I have been here since 2019 and honestly have never gotten a bad bag of weed from here.
    Yes once it I got some that was dry but boveda took care of that.
    and once my weed smelled like smoke from the cali fires but it got me just where I wanted to be.
    I have been to Denver and hit most of the good dispensers and I will say medmans is on par or better than anything I saw and with the new prices you can't go wrong.
    We can analyze dissect and try to figure out the genetics but at the end of the day it's just a weed so smoke and be happy we have a great site to get what we need!!.

  • Quality nowadays is as good or better than several years ago imho. We have 3 great plugs to choose. Tons of inventory. What more can you expect for black market online? MM isn’t a licensed dispo.

    Nugz dry out during storage. If cured well a humidity pack usually fixes it. I’ve had maybe 2 disappointing purchases over 5+ years. Better than my local plugs’ track records.

    The GMO comment seems off base in this context. Most cultivars are “genetically manipulated” by growers, mostly by natural crossing and boxing of strains. Some growers may use chemicals like colloidal silver nitrate or rodelization techniques to feminize seeds.

    BL: If these are truly concerns you’ll probably do best securing your meds elsewhere - but you’ll likely run into similar circumstances. Don’t know about anyone else but my adventures with other online plugs have been fucked. Lower prices typically but long waits with lane excuses only to get old Reggie’s.

    MM delivers on all fronts. Good luck.

  • The questions are specifically natural colors, taste and smell. Crossing strains and augmenting anything is where quality has been sacrificed. Last batch I received I was incredibly disappointed which is why I pose these very specific questions. Thank you, Good day.

  • I blame Russia

  • I blame ze Germans.

  • It was Putin!
    I’ve been buying here since ‘17 with very little to complain about. Had a beautiful batch of Blackberry Kush a couple years ago that was really meh…like nothing…my only negative experience here. Besides the occasional dryness and bean I’d say I’ve been really happy. Considering that we’re all getting product, sight unseen, from three “shippers” (at the moment) in three different geographical locations who get their product from who knows how many different growers…I’d say that the quality is as good, if not better than ever! I have been extremely pleased with the cure, aroma, and effects of the dozens of strains and pounds of flower I’ve purchased here. I find it to be on par, and in some cases superior to my medical dispensary flower.😎🧐

  • Been on point

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    Why is anyone complaining?! I take offense at that. I have been here for over two years and everything has been fine. Excellent I should say. I thank the Lord for this site! It’s much better than from dealers, right? Right!!!!

  • Yes I appreciate this site so much. Some of us don't have access to dispensaries or legal cannabis. This site is a godsend. I have quite a few orders under my belt and I've only been dissatisfied with the quality 1 time. Much better than dealing with shady dealers. Some people are a bit spoiled and ungrateful. Thank you MM and crew. Keep doing God's work!

  • Thank y'all.

  • I feel I should offer a bit a background as it pertains to my questions. I in no way meant to sound ungrateful or unappreciative as when I found this service and their mission statement in 2020 I have had the utmost respect for this service. I believe this is the blueprint for the future of the cannabis industry, which I hope will remain true to perfection in simplicity. I know legalization, atleast in my state has gone completely awry as the legislatures have had no direct pertinent knowledge of the underlying topic. The sole purpose of a medical dispensary will be to absorb prescription costs. There should be a general allowance to which the consumer will choose according their preference. However another oversight is that not all consumers have the means, want or desire to use a local dispensary and should not be limited to as the decriminalization of cannabis is relatively new despite it's widespread acceptance. Hence mail order services such as this which in my experience has offered a much higher quality of product and experience. I hope this will be the future of the industry, hopefully to one day accept a prescription allowance preserving quality and customer satisfaction. God bless y'all and thank you again.

  • weed is tight

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