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Anyone one having issues with receiving a order from Merlin? got label from them and loud on 23 or 22nd and got loud yesterday but Merlin still says shipment label created waiting on item never had this problem with them


  • Ordered on the 18th. Looks as if it’s stuck in Oregon 😕 already contacted Medboy and they’re going to look into it.

  • Put in request to merlin that was fulfilled today

  • @Crazycris @Trippy I promise you I guarantee your labels have been made and your packages have gone out. We have been seeing this A LOT in the past 2-3 weeks with I.D. No labels showing up, shows it hasn't moved, or stuck on USPS accepted package until it lands on your doorstep. That's why I always say I.D is not reliable, and quite a pain, haha. Please wait the full 10 Business days before reaching out to give the packages time to get to you.

    @cancerwarrior It's been 10 business days for you, shoot me an email so we can get you sorted out.

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    @medboy ive already sent a couple emails. First one I sent was at 10 days and it is “stuck”, then again a day or so later. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since I ordered, still no delivery. 😕 my email is bbkf40 and I think mine was coming from Happy Trees

  • It used to say the packages were from easypost parcel and now they come from auctane shitengine, I have no idea if that has anything to do with it. The first time I noticed was when it took 3 weeks to get my package but it was around Christmas. The time after that I ordered a package from amazon on the same day and it came in less than a week. My most recent one is about to hit 2 weeks and it completely dropped off informed delivery after supposedly departing California.

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    I just got a package I ordered Thursday delivered yesterday(Monday). Across country from Merlin. Every so often there's something that slows shit down but they the whole MM team is aces in my book...

  • "packages were from easypost parcel and now they come from auctane shitengine"


  • You cannot compare shipping between companies. The speed of your delivery is based on the USPS hubs they travel through. I wish more people understood other than the time it takes to get the package fulfilled and sent out, businesses have NO control over speed during shipping.

  • Shitengine is a new one

  • Of course you can compare shipping speeds without assigning blame.

  • Yeah ID is all messed up atm got one thing from happy came in timely fashion but something else from that order still showing just label and another from happy from Thursday still just at label but Nutting showing movement till ends up at destination right now from looks of it anyway

  • Crazy already got first half of request from stuff put in for the 7th but second half saying just got picked up tonight so we'll see

  • @Vapedad78 The amount of emails I have been receiving about I.D is nuts. The past month it has been completely unreliable from what I can tell.

  • Long time user on this site, this morning on id ,order from happy trees that was in waiting for package yesterday, to an alert in red , just said word alert, red exclamation point ,delivery date unknown, never encountered this before, sent email to medboy

  • image of alert status
    Delivery Date Unknown

    9405 5112 0622 3883 6539 04
    image of exclaimation
    Mar 17, 2023 at 8:44 pm

  • MMM is on the ball with deliveries! .
    Post office let’s alot of people down . I’ve had delayed packages ,unknown & return to sender cases .
    Med boy Delivered an communicated 100%.
    Just received MMM’s gelato 41 light assisted… buds are dense professionally grown meds.Good day time bud!
    From MMM to S. Fla 5days ordered wed. Got it mon. That’s fast !

  • @Haulover

    So happy you got it quickly, we always do our best to give the best.

    Part of the reason I stay in this area is for the quick shipping hubs.

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