Indica dominant indoor

I feel like there are never indica dominant indoor strains anymore. My preferred vendor is definitely loud. I really can't afford to buy premium and super premium. Where did all the indoor indicas go? Please help!


  • @Liltap loud has some great outdoor/greenhouse indicas.

  • Thanks @medboy . I am looking for indoor chunks. But thanks.

  • The past 2 times I have broken down and bought premium and super premium but I cant continue to do this. Please @LoudnCo help! I'm a huge fan of yours and I really need some heavy indoor indicas. I want to keep using you but I can't keep affording you. Will need to order again in abt 3 weeks. Thanks.

  • @Liltap

    I know you want of the indoor variety, but that greenhouse Tahoe OG is my next purchase. At 90/10 indica dom, I promise it's the heavy you want!

  • That would be mine, @MigraineWarrior79. I just finished an ounce of local Tahoe OG and it was a real knock-out strain. One of my favorites that I tried here first a few years ago. I've been doing a little terpene research on all of my most effective strains for insomnia and Caryophyllene, Limonene, and often Myrcene are the top three terps. That would include Tahoe OG, Katsu Bubba Kush, Pure OG, Apple Mintz, Platinum OG, Blueberry, and Snowball. I'm not sure if it's one terp, or the combination, but these strains rarely let me down in the middle of the night.😴😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor

    Great minds, huh
    Lol! You've named a few of my favs as well. 😊💚

  • Happy trees has been killing it with indicas i have had ripple,stardust,ice pie, french macaroon, and now blueberry diesel all were very good indicas for me

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    I'm confused. There are way more sativa dominant hybrids than usual right now and it's still over 50% indica dominant hybrids, with about 33% evenly balanced hybrids. This site has always had the majority of strains being indica dominant hybrids. I imagine this is the case for the entire cannabis industry. Even the indica dominant hybrids are way more indica than the sativa hybrids are sativa.

    What we need are way more sativas! But no one wants to grow them because they're much more difficult. I just counted 41 indica dominant hybrids, disregarding joints and moonrocks. How is that not enough to choose from? There are only 9 sativa hybrids, and most of those are of the "slightly sativa leaning" variety. There are times when there are zero.

    If you can't find exactly what you want, pick a different vendor, they're all great in different ways. And try the outdoor strains. They are also great.

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    I've been catering to the people who have been asking for sativas... it's actually pretty tough to find and generally more expensive for me.

    @Liltap I'n going to post some indica Bubble Bath soon. I was going to price it at premium because of what I got it for, but will do it indoors this time just for you. Look for it later in the week

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