Merlins Grape Ape

I had been waiting on this strain to pop up for quite sometime. Purps are my fave right now(excluding Purple Punch for some reason it doesn't mesh well with me!?!?) Anyways put in my order for Grape Ape. I'd tried it had tried it years ago from a trusted source and I loved it! Upon opening my pack, I was immediately disappointed 😞. The biggest nug weighed .3 grams! The rest was teeny tiny buds smaller than pea size. Pretty much larf. Or just shake and pieces of bud... WTF? Why wasn't this sold as smalls at least? I'm usually pretty partial to Merlin but this one severely disappointed me... Hope the quality doesn't continue going downhill. Or at least sell it as smalls. Really shoulda been shake. I don't want to use any of my other vendors but damn. This BS now a price increase! Idk guys. Not trying to be condescending or start an argument but this is unacceptable. Some if us live on a budget and these type if mistakes really set me and my family back some. Sorry to complain. @MerlinsMagic @medboy @medman


  • Let's see if Merlin weighs in. If they don't soon, shoot me an email/contact form message. -MB

  • @Mr4Sher I ordered a split of Bubble Bath and Grape 🦍..received few weeks ago. bigger buds than what your describing but the side by side comparison visually was no comparison. Of course Bubble Bath could be sold as premium. The silver lining for me was how it smoked. After boveda for a few days the aroma isn't the grape ape I'm used too but more on the sweeter side. I normally try not to over indulge but this seems to hit better the more you consume. 🙏🏻 For you pal.

  • Shoot, I had this one marked to grab for 4/20. Not a fan of end of bag larf though at these prices. Got pix?

  • That sucks also got split of bubble bath and grape ape but was happy with both but also ordered right when both hit the menu so mighta gotten better batch size wise but quality was there as well for both on mine, that's unfortunate for sure I'd definitely be upset paying top dollar for shake and less than desirable items

  • All price increases/decreases will ALWAYS be posted on the forum before they go into effect. This was not manually done. It has been fixed however it may take a few-24 hours for the price fix to go live on the site.

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    @Mr4Sher sorry, please send @medboy an email and I'll replace the whole Grape Ape part of the order. Sometimes my helpers get in a routine and don't think about using the bottom of the bag. You're a good customer and I'm happy to make it right.

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