Favorite / Unique Strains

What are some of the best strains yall have tried recently that have just blown you away? Ive only had the basic hybrid outdoors so far, might branch to indoor/ premium territory if it's just that good though


  • Platinum Bubba is pretty amazing if indicas are your jam.
    Also, the bubble hash is outta this world

  • Jealousy is one of my current favs if you can find it. The indoor Bubble Bath is also fantastic from Merlin.

  • Purple Urkle. I believe it was Greenhouse from Loud too. I'm a suckered for a good Purp.
    Also Georgia Pie and Apples and Bananas are bangers!

  • Orange Pushpop from loud is Top 3 for me with a stank so strong of orange and diesel it turns my stomach every time I open the jar and love every minute of it.

    Effects are mind blowing and I’m almost out and considering the Trop Juice but was hoping to see some reviews beforehand.

  • Definitely had some amazing strains
    Jealousy ultra prem, Merlin
    Gumbo ultra prem, loud
    French Cookies, Happy Trees
    Cannalope Haze ultra prem, Merlin

  • Any landrace sativa. It's like a completely different high.

  • Gary Payton, Bubble bath and mimosa

  • @StarLizzyG could you do a review of the Gary Payton with pics... And was it from HH or loud

  • HT's Ethos Apex and Apple Fritter were good hybrids and the Cherry Sherbet they had was good for knocking me down prior to bed. I was also impressed with the Bubble Bath. My very faves were the Hawaiian Dutch and Full Moon.

  • @Noj81 I got it from Happy trees and I have a little bit left from a quarter. It’s def one of my favorites. It eased any stress or whatever had plagued my mind, and didn’t drain my energy so I could either just relax or get something done. I’ll see if I can post pic, but I do recommend!

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    That is what’s left of the Gary Payton from Happy Trees

  • @StarLizzyG Thank you for the pic and review... Sounds awesome may have to pic some up when the 420 code drops 😁

  • Papaya and bear OG are nice 👌👍😍

  • It be nice to see some premium miracle whip on the menu

  • Here’s a few strains I’d like to see back on the menu. Some I haven’t seen in several years.
    Donkey Butter
    5th Element

    Wouldn’t mind seeing some good Blueberry Muffin or Cherry Pie either.

  • Loud’s White Truffle is fkn exquisite

  • @TheProfessor yeah that blueberry muffin and triple chocolate chip momma had couple 3 years back would be great love to snag either, knew should tried some the white truffle but both the UP trop juice and UP Gary Payton are both extremely nice strains

  • I would like to see Full Moon, Lemon Thai and of course, some premium Blue Dream make a return. On the other hand, Hindu Kush is always a welcome strain along with some Cherry Pie. "Landraces" like Durban Poison or the Nepalese that was around a year or so ago were good ones. The was a Biscotti a few years back whose terps made my jar smell so spicy even after it was gone. Great high as well. So many good strains have made their way through this site in the 6 or 7 years I've been here.

  • I remember that Biscotti @bluedreamer. There have been some really amazing strains here over the years. The wife reminded me yesterday of Moonboots…an amazing strain from a year or two ago that made a walk around the neighborhood feel more like a flight around the neighborhood.🤣.

    @Bruno I agree, Dolato is a great strain! Would love to see it back again. You don’t need premium to get some of the best though. I’ve got quite a few strains and I start worrying when I get below a qp, but I’ve had great success with outdoor, greenhouse, and any kind of smalls. I love a good deal!😎🧐

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