Any die hard a Doors fans?

My aunt actually was at the Isle of White festival. She wasn't a photographer but a very talented painter. I own a one of a kind painting of JDM and a beautiful pencil drawing on Ray Manzerek.


  • @Mr4Sher Would love to see them could u upload them on here

  • Yeah, I would be interested to see them. Big Doors fan...

  • I have the boxed set if that counts for anything

  • I'd love to but I can't figure out how to upload pics. There's been countless pics of flower and other products that I've really wanted to share. Although I did get a new phone so I might me able to figure out now. Any help appreciated!

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    @medboy yes. Just still haven't made up my mind. Gonna make a decision very soon. You guys are the absolute best. Especially to those of us living in Indiana(hell). And other completely illegal states. Supposed to be The United States of America! Not each State has its own laws.... Absolutely Ludacris!!!

  • Big fan lucky to see D21C with Ian Astbury taking over for Jim. He dropped mic stand on top of my head. Asked " you okay mate" If you are a big fan you must listen to Jim Morrison's "An American Prayer". Basically, Jim reading poetry to Doors music. Dose appropriately.

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    Yeah I own the Doors the 21st Century DVD. Roddy Krieger on guitar, Ray Manzarak on his organ, Ian Astbury(from the cult) on vocals. And I'm not exactly sure who was on drums. Pretty sure someone was on bass too. Which is weird cuz the original Doors HAD NO bass player 🤔 Ray made it work with his organ bass. Although I'm almost positive they would bring on bass players for studio but never in concert! Best, most intellectual band ever! Hands down.

  • That was quite a journey I went on @WeirdSin

  • Ian Astbury said was phenomenal just like a Jim at

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