So what you score for 4/20?

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I went full on with HT, they’ve been real good to me this year. Picked up 1 zip each of Fruit Rollups, Strawberry Cheesecake, Pudding and GMO Cookies. Plus an entry into their 420 Raffle and whatever generous freebies the Tree godz decide to provide. Was a white knuckle experience this year! Whew.

This thread is dedicated to @medboy who will likely be puffing non-stop this fine day and beyond. Cheers to the entire MM team, may the pre-ship labels arrive swiftly! 😮‍💨



  • I can't decide because I really don't need anything! I buy rarely, but larger quantities to get a better price. But I hate not getting a deal when I have a chance.

  • I am the same @Sixwaychili. Don’t need any. Can’t resist 20% off anything nowadays though. Went overboard this year but fuck it. I’m just gonna double vac seal it all for rainy days.

    After all, death is guaranteed - just do it! 👻

  • Well there goes my state tax return

  • +1 for your comment @funkynugz! I feel like an ass for adding more work for MB. But that's why I'll continue to shop here. They definitely go above & beyond.

    I ended up getting the Sour Apple crumble from Merlin & Fruit Rollups from HT. I couldn't resist the pic! It looks 🔥

  • @ChunksEggo8187 yesh, the FRU was #1 why I rolled up with @HappyTrees this year. Let’s compare notes once it drops.

    With that said. Man I’d pay $140/zip retail for left coast indoor all day long if I could. Sale or no sale, buying my meds in bulk is the way to go - the holiday code was a blessing to melt the angst of tech issues 🫠

  • going to try the Ultra Premium Gary Payton...

  • Ordered up more Sugar Wax. Red Bull and Biscotti. Wanted shatter from Loud but they dropped off the menu at the last minute. Amazing deals here - love MM!! Happy 420 everyone!! :smiley:

  • @ChunksEggo8187 I have to say our Fruit Roll-Up is exceptionally good. I think you'll be really happy with it.

  • @HappyTrees that sounds amazing! Looking forward to it!!

  • Had very difficult time stream lining after unexpected limit shrunk budget. Originally intended on 2zip premium split but finally requested 1oz split of U.P. Gary Payton & trop juice and since already have 1z split of premium in route and indoor has been very nice opted 1z split indo Gary Payton to compare and contrast with , in addition to chocolate covered strawberries and Merl gummies so don't run out lol

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    I went with HappyTrees 2G pods..(hopefully I’ll get the split ) . 2gs each will last me forever so 2 flavours would be awesome. That fruit roll up does look dank. I’ve always really liked Tangie

  • I got a oz of og kush, 8 carts of zkittles, 4 grams of zkittles diamonds, 4 grams of horchata crumble and either a half oz or whole of penis envy mushrooms can’t remember for sure I’d have to go back and check my order

  • Snuck in an order last min before the sale ended. Went for a split on Rollup& Runtz. Digging Happy Trees Products

  • @superman38NC 🤣🤣 I knew you couldn't resist that picture huh? Plus @HappyTrees said it was exceptionally good. And they haven't let me down in regards to quality.
    Label made yesterday! Now the waiting game...

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    @ChunksEggo8187 hahaha that's right my friend..too good to pass up with a discount. I'm definitely enjoying the prerolls lately..hitting sweet cheese right now. We'll see how it turns out 😎

  • @superman38NC no doubt bro!! Also appreciate the reviews on pre-rolls. Definitely gonna have to try them out.

  • I finally got a loud label but still no Merlin label which is odd.

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    Dang. My two HT packs are out for delivery already! If they do show this morning that will be a new 6 year shipping record. Dang. 🥳

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    Yup, that is excited for Merlins crumble...but on a good note, my happy trees portion is out for delivery! 🥳

  • Wow that's some quick shipping for HT! 1 of my 2 is scheduled for tomorrow which is fast considering. Can't wait to try the 2 g pods. Need something more discreet

  • Dropped! Less than 4 days. Ty @HappyTrees

  • @funkynugz let me know how that fruit roll up is. I'm excited!

  • @superman38NC the 2g banana nerds is a sweet/sour distillate, unfortunately not live resin oil but it has diamonds mixed with the distillate and oh man is it potent, took 1 good rip after the first few test puffs and it got me. Definitely prefer live resin in regards to feel but this could be your thing more.

    @HappyTrees will yall be able to offer live resin oil 2g's again in the future? I like the smokey feel to live resin more, maybe even mix live resin diamonds into live resin and create a crazy potent live resin one hitter? Ha. Thanks yall!

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    Funny you should ask, @ChunksEggo8187 I was just about to spark a clean bong hit of FRU 😃 Hold on a sec….

    Ok that’s better 😮‍💨 Left a review in another post but duped it here. You’re going to love this stuff.

    Fruit Rollup, @HappyTrees

    Bag appeal is pretty off the hook, decent sized nugz, some purple af and solid packed but still provide some friendly squish. Nose is absolutely fruity, no denying it, with a slight petrol finish. Taste is fruity as well, with a palpable dank tongue-coating upon exhale. (Bit of an ammonia hit in the nostrils- as often, adding a boveda to the jar for a week or so should help.) Two quick pulls on the showerhead and I’m right where I need to be, buzz so far feels really heavy on the eyelids and behind the eyes. Feeling pretty chill for a mid Monday, it’s couch vs. mow the lawn debate time 😆 So this one will likely become my zzzzzzzquil choice for end of the day kickdowns.

    Swing rockets into far left field. It could go all the way. Gathering some tail winds to the fence line. And it’s outta the park! 🏟️⚾️ 🙌

  • Has anyone not seen a label created yet for their 4/20 sale order yet? I know they are probably busy with all the orders from the holiday but was just curious.

  • @funkynugz damn that looks tasty! And just 🔥. Thank you sir! If I hadn't ordered, I would just based on this review & pic!
    @TheMad710Chemist ordered crumble from Merlin & no label yet. Who knows how hard they got hit w/orders.

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    Very nice looking!! @funkynugz appreciate the review! Right up my ally too @ChunksEggo8187
    @TacticGuy thx for letting me know! Not sure I've had diamonds mixed in distillate from a vape before. I like the full spectrum feel so this will be interesting. Hopefully I get a split because cactus cooler sounded great as well.

  • @superman38NC haha I did the exact same split. You should get that seeing as Banana nerds just went out of stock today, especially if you were early in the sale, I was late. Haven't tried the cactus cooler yet as I think the battery was low, just grabbed banana nerds and went out. Shit is nice but not the same as the full spectrum effect.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 thanks for letting me know! I know they are busy busy. I’m not complaining by any means, just excited to get my goodies.

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    So. Placed orders with Each vendor. Winners are really all of them! Happy Trees 3 days, Loud & Merlin 6. Ordered melmac, golden teachers, Makilla gorilla, peanut butter, Georgia pie, Blue City, slurricane, Malibu Marsha, and runtz crumble, white truffle crumble….party time…😂

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