HT Indoor Mendo Breath Smalls

Can anyone show their pics or give a review?
I have some that should land either tomorrow or Monday.
Stay tuned for pics and review to follow. Couldn't pass up such a dealyo!πŸ’šπŸ’¨πŸ˜‹


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    Received today along with requested sample of their pressed hash, which I haven't tried yet. (THANK YALL SO MUCH!)

    The mendo breath is in 🍿 buds, which is reflected in their pricing, but, holy moly is it wonderful! So don't let the smalls stop you from getting this steal.

    I took 3 hits off one of my bongs, and I'm glued to my bed watching movies, and chowing down on Old Trappers jerky. 🀣

    It's a classic indica for sure, pain reliever, and will definitely help with sleep.


  • @MigraineWarrior79 oh wee that looks tasty!! Appreciate the pic as always!

  • Sounds like some good classic Mendo Breath…and a deal at that! Looks great, I love smalls. Thanks for the review and pics @MigraineWarrior79!!😎🧐

  • @ChunksEggo8187 @TheProfessor

    Yall are welcome, gentlemen! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’šπŸ’¨

  • Very nice!

  • A little review on the hash-

    It's definitely pressed, so I chipped some away using a dab tool, then put some bud in a bowl, some hash, then more bud.
    I took two nice hits, and damn!
    I can barely keep my eyes open!

    I'll be putting in an order for some of this to keep on hand.

    Thank you again for the sample!

  • I ordered the mendo breath from ht an got a bag of outdoor gmo in substitute.
    Would of loved to have gotten those mendo smalls . Maybe next time not sure.

  • I got a split of the mendo breath and ice cream cake smalls that I haven't even opened yet because I'm out of jars. lol Looking forward to it!

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    I woulda liked to have gotten the ice cream cake smalls too, but I don't recall seeing them at the time of my order. Sadface. Lol

  • Hey man any chance I could ask how long does Happy Trees shipping takes

  • HT has the record shipping time to me here on the east coast of 3 days, typically arriving in 4. Merlin is next with 4 to 5 days and Loud is 8 to 10.

  • I've had a couple of miraculous 2 day shipping times, and I think the longest was 4. Really depends upon usps hubs. πŸ’š

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    All of our shippers ship out the same or next day. If you order on a Monday afternoon your order is processed Tuesday morning and will go out that afternoon or the very next morning. The shipping time is all based on the USPS hubs the packages travel through. I always tell people 4-10 business days, because 10 business days is our mark. If you don't receive your package by then always reach out to me via email.

  • Perhaps in a perfect world @medboy. You well know there are only so many controlable variables that go into this business plus it seems some only ship one day a week. I'm still surprised that my packages take almost exactly 1 week from order and payment until delivery no matter what day I order. For instance last order to Merlin was Monday, sticker created Tuesday but no movement until Friday late. ID says next Wednesday for delivery but I know it will be here this Monday. Just seems to work that way.

  • Believe me Im not being negative and I am more than grateful for the service you all provide, just saying its got to be hard to control 3 shippers in 3 different areas of the country and their shipping protocols for the many orders they must receive.

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