Great find was Medicineman..

When as a teenager in the late 60's it was always a dream for me and my friends to see MJ legal. For me it was a 2 sided effect I got , relaxation and a cure for bad stomach problems. Now 50 + years later it's become legal in some states, unfortunately not my state Florida, only "Medical" and VA in my District says no to MJ ! Bummer. Still buying from the streets until.....
by chance on internet search i found Medicineman ! Skeptic at first, now over 2 years later and some maybe 50-55 orders this has been a wonderful experience and at 70 years of age I can feel at ease purchasing my beloved MJ medicine! A dream come true, (Florida is within 5years of full legal lawyers say) and whenever it does if I'm still around.....Here's to you Medicineman!, thanks for being their and the great service! LA in FL


  • I second that!

  • Love to hear stories like this!

  • I’m 53. I third that!

  • I'm getting ready to be 58 in a few days and I FOURTH that. :smiley: Peace from Louisiana.

  • 48 here and so glad I don't have to go find 22 year old dealers at bars anymore.

  • 68 here and been a medboy buyer for 6 years. So grateful for being able to buy small quantities.

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    Omg i am finally not the oldest in a group. Early 40s been with them for like 1.5 yrs. Also from La. Beats cruising the unis or tourist spots any day. Lol

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    Dialed the odometer up to a classic 57 years this past October. Smoking off and on since I was 15. Grew my own for years but don’t have the energy anymore. I like to keep 10+ strains on hand to defeat tolerance issues. Mostly Indicas. Been developing a dangerous liking for concentrates since joining here a couple years ago. First visit was to buy MedMama’s RSO for my mom who passed from cancer a year ago Xmas morning.

    Sidebar: Just north of me they are celebrating going rec with $24 grams of flower sold in eights only and $90 gram concentrates, all dropped into plain brown paper bags. Lines around the block. People camping out. Cmon, really? I understand the novelty but that will wear off quickly. We all got a pretty good thing going here with MM. I’m sure everyone involved makes a decent living doing this. But they really are providing a service for people like us.

  • I'm 9 years old and I'm the scrappy, street-wise orphan that Medicineman has adopted as his ward!

    Just kidding, I'm an adult. ;)

  • HeY!!!!!!!! Guess what????? It is Friday!!!....What time is it????? It is time to start a outdoor camp fire...... Enjoy!..... Live the Life U Love!

  • 57 yrs walking on the Dirt.............. FYI... With the help of Natures Fiber Bush, which arrived on schooners from all over the World in the 1400's into the 1800's. The average schooner would have had 26 tons of cannabis sails , rope and rigging.....Hemp is salt water resistant....It was here helping folks for years......then came liquors big bucks.... prohibition ended for alcohol.....plants for rope and sails stayed illegal....

  • Newbie to forum but customer for 3 yrs. Stumbled upon site through a link and have been entirely grateful for the service. Been relying on the kindness of friends since mid 70s but no more. So many thanks.

  • Great find indeed. Like many, I'm defeating addiction issues using cannabis. Turns out it also combats inflammation.

    Any cannabis is better than nothing but this site boggles the mind... thank you!

  • I found this site in 2014 after my dealer was hard to get in touch for the last time. When that first 8th arrived it was like a miracle. My husband and I couldn’t believe it. We’ve been customers ever since. Thanks to everyone involved in this magical site!

  • Can’t wait to see what the talk is about, it’s hard to find a decent plug in Texas... much less decent weed..

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