Any chance of getting Skywalker og or northern lights in as a solid flower form? Never seen them for sale?



  • @Cob It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Northern Lights, but Skywalker OG shows up once or twice a year. I just finished up a very potent and sleepy ounce of Skywalker OG from earlier in the year.😎🧐

  • Indoor, premium, or super premium Northern Lights pleeeeeease. Never lasts long, when it appears ya better jump on it. One of the GOAT strains imo.

  • I see your requests for skywalker OG & Northern Nights @Cob @Ease

  • I second and third those request on og skywalker and norther lights.

  • Most definitely need some northern lights in my life. Haven't had NL flower for quite a while!

  • Any Ganesh Berry? Id like some of this strain, I had some from Washington state, it was fire, awesome buds,smokes great!

  • @MerlinsMagic @HappyTrees @LoudnCo
    I would love to see some Green Crack, Cherry Pie, Blue Goo, Bruce Banner, and Choc diesel

  • Definitely would love to see some Cherry Pie @StarLizzyG! One of our favorite strains!!😊😁🧐

  • I see the requests @StarLizzyG
    I should able to find Cherry Pie fairly easy, and will look around for everything

  • @Thinktank9000
    I've never seen any Ganesh Berry around ever but happy to keep an eye on it.

  • Layer Cake is a great unique strain. It's been on here maybe twice in the several years I've been on site.

  • Layer cake is good best I remember, I'd also like to see that triple chocolate chip and blueberry that were on here while back

  • It’s been quite awhile @Lou_lew since Layer Cake has been on the menu. Awesome suggestion! It’s a great medicinal strain that’s pretty much always available at my local dispensaries. I’d love to see it back on the menu here! I like TCC @Vapedad78, but I love Blueberry!!😊💚. A great strain for sleep! I picked up an ounce of Banana Kush locally yesterday morning. First time trying it last night and it’s amazing for sleep/insomnia and pain!! Would love to see it here!! 😎😁

  • Banana Kush does sound yum I used to get a banana refill from Ma that was good, and yeah that blueberry muffin was first strain I've had that tasted that close to name sake and still hit like a damn train, pretty too

  • I have been looking for Chiquita Banana 🍌 for years. Hopefully one day I'll score some..

  • Would love some Mimosas if can find any @MerlinsMagic @LoudnCo @HappyTrees

  • Figured try split of indoor duct tape and dough boy from HT still waiting on premium 🌈 Skittles and jealousy from Merl as well, very excited to check all 4 those out

  • @MerlinsMagic Any chance you can find some more Moon Boots? You had it about a year ago…fantastic stuff! We could also go for more of that Apple Mintz…one of the best strains for sleep ever!

  • Space Queen is another great one that I haven't seen in awhile (or missed it lol).

  • @TheProfessor Love the Moon Boots! I just finished the last of mine a few weeks ago. One of my favorites from the last year.

  • @Sixwaychili I wish we had some, but it’s long gone. The wife really loved it!😉 It’s incredible for walking, hiking, and being outdoors…just have to watch your surroundings…and your footing.😂😎🧐

  • Moon boots was a big surprise! Loved the effects. A good batch of that, Frankenstein, or Mothers Milk would be cool. Just ordered from Merlin hopefully getting Mr Miyagi, Zookies, Mojito, & Strawberry Limeade. Summers not over yet!

  • Modified Grape freshies are really great!
    Indica Dom 80/20; would like to see some other offerings of this in flower if at all possible.
    Love it! Smoked about 1/2 the gram jay after work; I'm nice and relaxed, and all pain melted away!

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    What's the difference between the two? One's plural and the other singular?

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    2nd grapes listing shows Skittles as the product graphic 🤷‍♂️

    Just coined up for 12 packs/4 different strains for my upcoming bday. 72 1g cones for $390 shipped seems pretty decent. $5.42 each = $152/zip if my math is sound. And I don’t need to grind/fill em. Cool.

  • @TreesPlz

    What @funkynugz said is exactly what I was going to answer, lol.
    I ended up finishing the jay, and i felt like I was one with my bed.
    It was amazing. Lol
    No regrets.

  • That's quite a deal @funkynugz ! I've never been much for smoking joints, but at these prices I might be doing some similar math.😁

    The Modified Grape sounds dreamy @MigraineWarrior79 ...I'm always all in for being "one with my bed!"🤣😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor nowadays i go back and forth between cones and my bubblers. My other gear collected over the decades pretty much gather dust. Summertime it’s nice to have a jar of Raws with a few different strains ready to pluck and spark. I usually pack a couple dozen at a time so this will save me time, and money too apparently. Hoping for the best. Haven’t scored anything from here since 4/20 🤞

  • Yeah, @funkynugz I know what you mean, I have a lot of paraphernalia just collecting dust. Most reviews have been great, I’m interested to hear you thoughts on your strains.😎🧐

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