Sativa Flowers

We are out, rapidly from the last drop.

I’m working on getting more and in higher quantities.
If you recently made an order, you might consider messaging MB if you want a hybrid sub or want to wait for me to find some fire 🔥 which will take longer.



  • Was hoping to score. Order confirmed on the 22nd. Informed delivery shows label printed. Should be good on the Tangielope outdoor?

  • @Rockymtnhigh i see Lemon Cake and Grapefruit still on the menu. If you are subbed with either of those you should be good. Hope you get the Tangielope though!

  • @MerlinsMagic Awesome! Keep us updated on that next drop. I'll have my wallet ready for a heavier haul next time 👍🏼

  • @superman38NC those are out too, email to take them down came in after I had finished for the day. Took them down this morning, If your still seeing them it's just because the site takes a few hours sometimes before it updates correctly.

    I got an email from @MerlinsMagic today, more Sativa should be up by Friday or Sunday.

  • @medboy @MerlinsMagic hey - are these being added soon or is this no longer happening? Thank you!

  • @posternugbag They are up today!

  • Purple Thai? oooooh

  • Ordered some Chocolope. Fingers crossed I pulled the trigger in time!

  • You’re gonna love it @MigraineWarrior79! Great, energizing wake-n-bake high that is still mentally calming! I’m sitting this batch out…please share your thoughts!😊😎🧐

    It sounds so tempting @Sixwaychili, but I’m pretty sure that Purple Thai would be one sativa too far.😕

  • @TheProfessor I got a Acapulco Gold vape cartridge last week that is a nice old school sativa that hits really nice. Would love some flower too.

  • Almost got some purple Thai, but figured it would be a little too much for me anxiety wise, lol.
    I'll definitely let you know if I ordered in time, and my thoughts, lol

  • Now Acapulco Gold, that’s definitely old school @Sixwaychili…It’s been decades for me. I haven’t seen it as flower, and I’ll admit that I don’t shop for carts often, but I’ll have to look now.👀

    Same @MigraineWarrior79.😂😎🧐

  • Just got a new drop… am working on photos and descriptions now

  • Blue dream haze, purple Thai… buckle up it’s going to be a good one, but might not be posted until next week.

  • The Strawberry Limeade and Mojito are both excellent sativas! Both provide clear minded energy. Great for starting a work day. Zookies had me giggling like a little kid the other night. Mr Miyagi was a little dry so it’s been chilling with boveda. Probably will hit that tonight.

  • I was trying to decide between mojito and strawberry limeade but went with the limeade.which one do you like better between the two?

  • The limeade is probably the loudest of the two in regards to aroma and terps. As far as effects both are very similar. If I was ordering between the both I would go with limeade.

  • Okay cool! I'm glad I chose that one lol. Sometimes there are so many options and I wanna try them all 😂 it feels like I'm making the most important decision of my life when trying to place an order

  • edited September 2023

    I know what you mean! Truly a kid in the candy store here 🤣. An addiction I’m admitting too and may need help is checking this site more than I should lol.

  • I did a "Wish Order" where I went through and checked everything I want and everything I want to try, reasonable sizes. Just to see what the damage would be. It was $5,600. 🫣 Sigh. If only I didn't have kids to feed... 🤣😇😂

  • @OzBaxter I don’t have any kids to feed and I wouldn’t dare make a “wish order!”😳🤣😂😎🧐

  • Yes, there are quite a few sativas to choose from. I had to procure a few for myself as well. Got some Purple Thai, Cinderella 99, and Chocolope. Absolutely love Chocolope, such a great morning strain and not racey at all. For me anyway... And just for s and g's picked up some Humboldt OG which is very good as well. Having lived in Norcal during the 70s when the first sensimilla buds from the Emerald Triangle started presenting themselves, I had to see if there was any similarities. None, really. That bud from the 70s was dank skunk, where the OG has more of a floral smell. High is much different too. The old Humboldt was a heavier indica but if you smoke too much of the newer OG, it will lay you out. Genetics have changed so much in the last 50 years of cannabis breeding...

  • Nice collection there! @bluedreamer i often wonder how strains have been affected by all the breeding throughout the years. I’ve yet to find a Super Lemon Haze batch that matches what I had over 15 yrs ago. Lots of close ones but I’ll never forget that lemonhead taste after every hit.

    After spending sometime with Mojito I have to say it may lack a powerful nose, but the effects are almost perfect for a daytime sativa.

  • I'm so glad to see some of the indica lovers branch out after the hesitation for anxiety. It is such a different high it's like a completely different plant. I guess I'm lucky that the anxiety doesn't hit me unless I'm in pubic places.

  • @Sixwaychili I'm guessing that was a typo in the last sentence but it had me lol'ing. thanks for that 😂

    Completely agree that it's great to see indica lovers branching out into some of the sativas (and vice versa). What an amazing plant!

  • I resemble that remark @Sixwaychili!🤣. I think I have four sativas in my arsenal now!
    Pubic places don’t give me anxiety though!😁🤣😎🧐

  • Depends how crowded said public place is for me. But usually if I'm high I dgaf, lmao! 🤪🤣💚

  • Yeah, pubes make me anxious too

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